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periods gradually disappeared!?

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MrsP26 Sun 04-Jan-15 16:10:12

Hi ladies,
I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to what I'm currently going through, I feel so alone and like I'm not being taken seriously.
I had my first son in April 2013, I retained my placenta and underwent 2 hours in theatre trying to remove it.
After I didn't stop bleeding post birth I repeatedly went back to the doctor/midwife who told me there was nothing wrong for 6 weeks. It wasn't until I appeared to have hemorrhaged again and my husband rang an ambulance that we discovered there was still some retained tissue.
I underwent a d&c 8 weeks after giving birth to remove the remaining tissue.
Since then my periods have never been right. I bled for 1 day a few weeks after the procedure and at the advice of my gp went straight back on the pill (microgynon 30), and only ever bled for 2/3 days while on the pill.
7 months ago I stopped taking the pill in the hope of trying for baby number 2, Since then my periods have got even lighter month after month. I have light spotting for a couple of hours at most now.
I spoke to my gp about 2 months ago but they told me to 'not worry,it's Christmas soon, come back in January'.
I had no problem conceiving my first, I was pregnant within 2 weeks of stopping my pill, even though I'd been taking it for 10 years, and am obviously concerned that I never will if my periods disappear completely.
I have read that retained placenta and d&c can cause scarring of the uterus or cause the lining to not form fully so there's nothing to implant into.
Any help would be appreciated as my gp doesn't seem to care! :-(
Thanks in advance.

Mostlyjustaluker Sun 04-Jan-15 16:13:51

Are you sure that you are not currently pregnant? Some women continue to have light monthly bleeding when pregnant.

MrsP26 Sun 04-Jan-15 16:28:52

I thought that to stay with, but after countless negative tests I've put that idea to bed.

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