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Morning sickness: your experiences..?

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MrsG23 Sat 03-Jan-15 20:25:02

2 weeks now of feeling like I'm on a boat.. It's like a constant underlying dizzy, nauseous feeling - I can still go about my daily life but I'm aware of it. Sometimes it hits me and I feel terrible then it dies down... But it's always there. I feel hungry at the same time though, like if I'm not eating I will vomit!
Started on 22nd December and has just got worse in the last week...
Testing BFN at the moment sad awaiting my day off Tuesday to go see my GP..
What are your experiences?

Lunastarfish Sun 04-Jan-15 19:03:57

Mine started at 6 weeks. Weeks 7 & 8 were absolutely horrid. I could barely eat and was utterly exhausted usually going to bed at 8.00 pm.

From 6 until 10 weeks I was Sick every morning (heaving and only bile), occasional evening vomit. nausea would last all day. Have to commute an hour each way by train and had terrible travel sickness each way (I had to carry tupperwear to be on the safe side & wear sea bands). I went off a lot of food but had to keep eating otherwise I felt worst. I could only stomach melon and belvia biscuits and almost nothing else for weeks 7 & 8.

I am 12 + 6 weeks now and the past 2 weeks have been much much better and my appetite has mostly returned. Generally (although ironically I feel terrible right now!) I only feel nauseous on the morning and sick once/twice a week. Within an hour of waking up I feel fine.

As a tip, keep grazing. Just eat whatever you can even if it's not healthy or recommended (at one stage the only source of protein I could handle was plain cooked prawns). Once i crossed that line of 'am I hungry or do I feel like being sick' it was really hard to get back. Coca cola was my best friend during morning sickness, after a sip, I could carry on with work.

I hope it gets better soon, it really does suck and has seriously made me reconsider how many children I will have!

CPtart Sun 04-Jan-15 19:09:44

Sick both times from about six weeks, up to about 15 weeks with DC1 and still heaving at 40 weeks with DC2 (when I barely gained half a stone). I was signed off work sick for several weeks both times, and felt so unwell with DC1 I had to sleep in the spare room for a month as my wretching was disturbing DH all night.
I am a very sicky person though - booze, travel etc.

MrsG23 Sun 04-Jan-15 19:18:46

Thank you ladies.. Haven't a clue what my body is up to. From the 22nd, I would experience waves of it.. In the last week, it is for the first 5 hours from waking up, then it stops. Can get a little sicky in the evening and I'm only able to pick at food - a big meal makes me wanna heave or just go to bed! sad
Still getting BFN... In the last week I've been cramping on and off and brown discharge (sorry!) on and off. Passed a clot last night and watery, bloody discharge for 2 hours this morning and now it's stopped.

GlitzAndGigglesx Mon 05-Jan-15 09:07:57

I was sick for the first time on Christmas morning. I was 8 weeks then. I was sick again the other day after eating soup and again yesterday morning at work sad. I'm the same as you op if I feel hungry I feel the need to be sick so I have to eat within 20 mins of waking up or I feel rubbish. I wasn't sick until I was 7m pg with my first so this is a bit of a shock to the system grin

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