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Can someone tell me if i'm in with a chance this month? Ovulation confuses me!

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VillageFete Sat 03-Jan-15 14:41:05

Hi everyone,

Was hoping for some advice as i'm crap at this TTC stuff.

I have a 32 day cycle, started POAS on towards middle of cycle on 29th Dec (no line) 30th Dec (faint line) 31st Dec (prominent line, dark, but not 100% sure if it was as dark as control line) 1st Jan (no line, or it was too faint to really see)

Even though I can't be 100% sure the line was as dark as the control line, do you think I probably did ovulate then seeing as there was no line the next day? DTD on 29th, 30th and 1st, but not on O day (NYE) due to staying with family that night.

Could I still be in with a chance or do you think it's unlikely? It must be all in my head but since yesterday my nipples are very sensitive, this only usually happens in days leading up to AF.

VillageFete Sat 03-Jan-15 18:06:02

Oh, and when I said POAS, I meant ovulation stick. Crap at all this!

BabyBumpHopeful Fri 09-Jan-15 03:48:46

Anything is possible. Some people OV early, some OV late. Good rule of thumb is about 2 weeks before AF is due and then starting about a week before that.

Personally I'm not supposed to OV (according to timelines) till about CD 16 but I started BDing a couple of days ago and will every other day just to make sure we hit that window!!

Re OPK's... some people prefer to use the ones that show a smiley face when you're ovulating as it's less ambiguous... same with getting a real BFP result so they're sure it's not just an evap line. The ones that show the 1-2 weeks etc are the most popular. I have IC's but I plan on getting one of the more expensive ones for a confirmed positive.

Good luck!

katandkits Fri 09-Jan-15 04:06:57

If you did ovulate on the 31st, you did great to have sex on the 29th and 30th, they would have been good fertile days. It doesn't matter if you miss the actual day. In fact, the day before might be just as good if not better. In would wait till at least the 12th before doing a pregnancy test. If you are having regular sex three times a week then you have a very good chance of conception. It can take months even if you do everything right.

ViolettaBridgettettette Fri 09-Jan-15 04:29:14

Consultants recommended DH and myself doing it every other day

ViolettaBridgettettette Fri 09-Jan-15 04:31:56

Sperm lives for 5 days, so sex 5 days before ovulation could result in pregnancy.

The chances of pregnancy are highest just before and on the day of ovulation percentage wise.

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