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am i kidding myself or could i be ? what do you think

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mummyneedinganswers Sat 03-Jan-15 02:04:07

Okay so bit of background.
We've been trying for 2 1/2 years TTC and have had 4 mc along the way.

AF is due her wicked appearence in two days but I have no obvious signs that's she going to appear.

Normally my bowell get bunged up and I go once a day if lucky after dinner but last few days I've been going three + a day and like clockwork every night at 12 I need to go and its quite soft
At the start of the week I also had ewcm but I know I wasn't ov as I done an opk and it was negative and I ovulated on the 19th

Also been quite wet aswell so defo increase in cm.

Been getting these episodes were I go dizzy and quezzi it doesn't last long but very unpleasent.

Iv DTD nearly every day or so from the 15th

Wat do u think is it a gd sign ?

NewYearNewYou Sat 03-Jan-15 07:04:00


I would say it's possible but also quite likely that you have some sort of bug. It's quite rare to get symptoms before AF is due and it is usually around 6 weeks.

However, it is always possible and the increased CM is a good sign!

Fingers crossed for you!!! POAS and see!

spamanderson Sat 03-Jan-15 11:52:28

I knew I was pregnant around 5-6dpo as I did have symptoms already. I got my BFP on 10dpo. I have been to the loo much more frequently, (number 1 and 2) been dizzy and queasy. It's certainly possible you're like me and getting symptoms early and I had no sign AF was going to arrive when I normally have symptoms.
bUT obviously, the only way to know for sure is to test. First response claim to show up up to 6 days before AF is due, could you grab one of those to test?

mummyneedinganswers Sat 03-Jan-15 13:02:44

With my first two pregnancys before my mc I had symptoms before AF but not these symptoms. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I promised myself I wouldn't symptom spot but of course I am, I'm trying to wait to see if AF shows up cz I'll test now and if its negative I'll be guttedsad here's hoping I am xx

mummyneedinganswers Sat 03-Jan-15 13:05:34

And I defo don't have a bug as dp is fine and and I don't feel sick all the time it comes and goes and doesn't last very long x

mummyneedinganswers Sat 03-Jan-15 14:24:44

Oh and the achne I have is terrible sad completely broke out all over my face

spamanderson Sat 03-Jan-15 19:43:18

Fingers crossed for you. x

Fruityb Sat 03-Jan-15 22:47:18

I'm in 2ww and am the opposite to you! I'm quite regular so to speak but I'm feeling quite constipated at the mo!

AF not due till next Saturday but I've got very sore and swollen tits which doesn't always happen never mind this early. I'm sleeping for England as well. Ewcm as well. And a massive zit on my chin.

Let's keep our fingers crossed smile symptom spotting is a mare isn't it.

mummyneedinganswers Sun 04-Jan-15 01:40:33

Oh fruityb sound gd. I swear its so stressful I do this all the time and dp partner start to tell me I sound like a crazy lady lol. I'm still running to look constantly gs and my fits are fine so maybe I'm not but I have a massive spot between my eyes and its so sore. My AF is due on Monday so just have to wait n see smile baby dust to you xx

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