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IUI - 12 DPO and going insane!

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Hbhopeful Fri 02-Jan-15 11:31:04

I had my first round of natural IUI on Saturday 20th December. On Sunday/Monday my breasts got sore and very full, since then I have had a roller coaster of moods - crying one minute and super happy the next.

The problem is, I was taking extra Vitamin B6, Starflower Oil and Magnesium to help with PMS which I stopped on the Saturday and just took Conception Support pills so I'm not sure if it's pregnancy or lack of the normal vitamins.

My period is due tomorrow, I have been having cramps which come and go (usually I don't get any until the day I come on and they are very bad) and quite a bit of discharge.

I took a First Response Test this morning which was negative.

I know I should wait for a few days but it's driving me crazy, the 2 weeks of not knowing and constantly looking for signs are so stressful. Is anyone else in the same boat? How do you cope? Does it get easier?

victoria401 Fri 02-Jan-15 12:33:49

Hiya just thought I'd reply as I'm having my first iui this month.

My guess is you just cope the same as any other month ttc. Grit your teeth and bear it. Are you nhs funded? The pressure to get a bfp is awful isn't it when you know you have limited 'free' attemps. This will be 1 of 3 that I get funded but I know some places get up to 6.

Do you work? I try to really throw myself into the job in the 2ww. I've also taken up yoga and learnt some breathing techniques to stop the inner panic I feel! I have been told by my nurse not to take anything but folic acid during my iui treatment, but I'm having a medicated cycle so maybe its different.

Good luck x

Hbhopeful Fri 02-Jan-15 12:48:31

Thanks for replying smile

Good luck with your first IUI - don't worry about it at all, it's over very quickly and only slightly uncomfortable but not painful. Although I peaked on a Saturday so had to go in the same day and they had to move my cervix round so that may have been why it was a little uncomfortable for me.

We are doing it through the London Women's Clinic so we are paying as we are a same sex couple. But the pressure is there as it's expensive sad

Nobody told me not to take anything but, I don't want to risk anything.

Yes - I try to throw myself into work but with Christmas it's been very quiet so that hasn't helped. Tomorrow is when my period is due so it will be a tough day, I wanted to go on a day trip but my wife doesn't seem keen.

If it doesn't work after 3 months we are going to try medicated. What is it like? Are there lots of side effects?

victoria401 Fri 02-Jan-15 18:28:31

Hiya. I've not started yet but I've had my session with the nurse to show me the needles and drugs! There are 3 different drugs. 1- to grow and mature a follicle (2 max, any more and they cancel), 2- to stop you releasing the egg before it reaches the desired size and 3- the trigger. They will all be injected by myself. 36 hours after the trigger shot you get inseminated. After that you take pesseries the whole 2ww to maintain the lining.

I'm presuming because you are using super duper donor sperm you will have more of a chance of getting preg than me. My dh's sperm is not great and obviously we've not managed to get preg naturally on it. His count etc are high/normal but he's been struggling with normal forms. The doc seems to think we will be ok for iui but we'll see I guess!

Can I be nosey and ask if you've tried any other way of becoming preg before this iui? I know the nhs accept same sex couples if they've failed to conceive with AI for so many cycles. You're fit and healthy with no diagnosed fertility problems? Me and dh have been ttc 2 long year's with loads of gruelling tests. 2014 was a tough time for us.

Please do post tomorrow whatever happens won't you?

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