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Eeep! It's real now!!

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shinysparklythings Fri 02-Jan-15 10:14:39

Dtd unprotected for the first time yesterday an it was fab! Have had to use condoms till now as not allowed any hormonal contraception and was so nice to not have to faff around!

Has suddenly made it all feel very real that we are trying to start a family! gringringrin

Anyone started in the new year? Let's hope that 2015 is a fertile one and that we get lots of bfp!!! gringringrin

GlitteryLipgloss Fri 02-Jan-15 10:39:46

hey! welcome!

we started ttc in November but started late in the month so missed the fertile days but we went for it this month lol

so hopefully a 2015 BFP will be here shortly I hope! crosses everything

I've been quite relaxed about it. other than using apps and OPK strips!

BabyBumpHopeful Wed 07-Jan-15 04:12:33

I'm with you OP! We DTD for the first time without protection today and it's very much this weird OMG OMG OMG OMG happiness with a side of nerves feeling. Hoping for a good January for both of us!! smile

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