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So confused. Advice please.

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Mmommy27 Fri 02-Jan-15 01:16:07

I purchased the digital clear blue opk tests on the 30th. The non advanced one. On the 30th it showed a solid smile face. That night I tested again and it was a clear circle. We DTD on the 29th. I just wanted to test again to make sure it was still a clear circle and my O passed so I just used another one. The first of the this month and now it's showing a smile again 2 days later. I'm really confused. Does anybody know what this could mean?

dizzylemon Fri 02-Jan-15 12:33:15

OPKs are a little unreliable for tracking ovulation mainly because they look at the levels of lh ans a surge doesn't gurantee ovulation. I use them to confirm when i get other signs like ewcm.

I've used the ones you've described and I was certain the instructions advised doing them at a particular time because dilution and other factors can effect it. Sounds like to me that the negative was a false one. Also the surge can go on for a few days. I think you should just disregard the negative smile

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