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Uterine polyps

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JennS72 Thu 01-Jan-15 20:52:47

Hi ladies. I am trying for a second baby at the age of 42 and I've been trying for the past 5 years with a miscarriage 3 years ago. I know I have uterine polyps, not visible on ultrasound, because with my first child I had to have a cervical suture (I've a tiny bit of cervix left after treatment for cancer) and they attempted to do it abdominally, found the polyps and couldn't so had to do it vaginally. So my question is, has anyone had problems conceiving because of polyps and had treatment? Was it successful? Did you have it having already had one child? I know I'm blessed to have one already!

Secondly, I usually always have a 28 day cycle and have an LH surge on day 16 or 17. This month it was day 19. I'm now 3 days late. Negative pg test two days ago. I'm thinking Mother Nature has probably thrown me a 35 day cycle, as she sometimes does. Or, maybe my, just maybe I'm pg but because I tested 7 days post LH surge my hcg hasn't risen enough to be detected. I've had incredibly sore boobs for 5 days now and the usual pre period spot! But then I'm thinking if I have sore boobs that's due to hormones, HCG or otherwise, and if its HCG that should show up on a PG test - unless its not high enough. I'm waffling on I know. Thanks for reading.

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