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Newbie - looking for advice on coming off the pill

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Koneko Thu 01-Jan-15 19:37:35

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here looking for some advice. I am getting married 4 months tomorrow and looking to TTC soon after (maybe honeymoon baby!). I was on the microgynon pill from age 15 (now 30) up until last year, but it had started giving me bad headaches and generally messing me up so my doctor switched me to cerzazette. I feel much better and don't get any headaches with this pill but find it a bit of a pain to take due to needing to take it at the exact same time every day. I've had occasions where I've been out for the evening and taken it 2/3 hours late and ended up with a mega long withdrawal bleed a few days later. Going to Australia in August to visit family was very entertaining with time differences.

Anyway, I was wondering what your advice would be on when to come off the pill if I'm looking to TTC in May? Also if there are supplements etc that I should be taking in preperation?

GlitteryLipgloss Thu 01-Jan-15 19:41:15

Everyone is different so it could take you straight away or a few months for your body to adjust. You just don't know. Best advice is to stop taking your pill when you would want to be pregnant - and see what happens! smile

Koneko Thu 01-Jan-15 19:51:06

Hiya, I think my main concern is that I've been on the pill for so long, I don't know what I'll be like off it. I don't want to stop taking it just before honeymoon and end up with hormone drop symptoms or a week and a half long withdrawal bleed (had this when I took one cerzazette pill too late). Wondering how long it might take for these symptoms to clear. I don't want to be PG before the wedding but happy to be careful for a few months before. Also wondering if it would be helpful to try and get back to a 'normal' cycle before ttc, as I have absolutely no clue about my cycle.

Stace27 Thu 01-Jan-15 20:04:13

I came off cerrazette on the 26th Sept and got a positive pregnancy test 2 1/2 weeks ago! I'd been on cerrazette for 2 years X

Moomin37 Thu 01-Jan-15 20:29:28

I got married in June and stopped taking the pill after about 14 years in July, but still waiting for AF to appear. I think my case is the exception not the norm, but I know lots of women on here wish they had stopped taking the pill much earlier than they did as it often takes time for the body to settle. However, I completely understand your concerns about the wedding. It's a tricky decision and probably an added complication you could do without at the moment!

MillieMoodle Thu 01-Jan-15 21:12:54

I was on the combined pill for about 10 years and came off it in May 2011, fell pregnant with DS in June 2011. I didn't have a proper period so didn't notice any real changes in me due to coming off that pill.
Have been on cerazette since July this year due to migraines occurring on combined pill. I've hated it; had almost constant bleeding, backache and repeated uti's. However, am coming off it this week so that we can start ttc no.2!
In terms of preparing for ttc, I've been taking a folic acid supplement daily since August. I had a smear test done at the start of December as was due one in March anyway and wanted to be sure it was clear before ttc. The result came back clear earlier this week so now I've switched to taking pregnacare supplements, which I took all the way through my pregnancy with DS. And I've ordered some cheap pregnancy tests off ebay!
Exciting times ahead - good luck smile

crazypuglady Thu 01-Jan-15 21:30:44

I stopped cerazette on 18/10 and went straight back into my old 28-30 day cycle but it's different for different people.

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