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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL:) looking for a ttc buddy

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mummyneedinganswers Wed 31-Dec-14 23:17:23

Well myself and dp have been TTC for over 2 year and have been together over 3.

I have been pregnant 4 times but sadly miscarried every time. And I'm now trying to lose weight in order to help my next pregnancy go more smoothly. I'm looking for someone who is TTC and we can support each other as I myself don't have many people to talk to about this situation sad thanks

Hello mummy I'm TTC after a MMC at 11 weeks at the beginning of December. My GP said that I can start trying straight away. Hoping to catch quickly as we only want 2 DCs and I don't want a large age gap. My DD is 20 months. It took 13 months with my first (still not as long as you though).

So sorry for your losses. It really is rough!! Hope we can both get a sticky bean that will stay around for the duration.

Have you seen your GP regarding your MC's? I think if you have more than 3 then they look into the reasons why and I know the NHS in my area (Northwest) are doing a scheme with a new drug for women who have had recurring miscarriages. Might be worth discussing if you haven't already.

Not sure where I am in my cycle as haven't had proper AF since the mc but I did have some watery/EWCM yesterday so fingers crossed although I know it's unlikely to ov straight after the mc. I live in hope smile

mummyneedinganswers Thu 01-Jan-15 14:51:45

So sorry for your losses mooley. I understand the age gap thing I would be the same. Its a rough road us women go through.

Yes I was referred to my gynecologist for tests and he said there is no chromosomal problems and my uterus and ovaries are all fine the lining of the walls of my uterus are quite thick but shouldn't cause any issues. He said I also have a backwards tilting uterus which I already new and that my MCs were causing by the clotting in my blood. So when I do fall pregnant I am to go on aspirin clorogest pessaries ( progesterone) and folic acid. And hopefully that will help me carry full term. Problem is now we are struggling to conceive where before we just couldn't make it last.

I am 4 days away from my next period and you can conceive quite quick after a mc I did I mc in April 2013 and fell pregnant again in June and lost at start of august and then was pregnant again in October but mc that one too and then again the following April and now just trying again. Don't give up you will get there. Xx

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