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How early is too early to test!

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LiveLaughLove2015 Wed 31-Dec-14 09:40:04

Hi Everyone
wondering if anyone can give me some advice.
We've been ttc for the past 6 months (I know that's not a very long time). My cycle has been varying in length from 28 days to 35 so I decided to use ovulation tests for my last cycle.
I didn't ovulate until cd26 this month. Around day 35 (just 9 days after ovulating) I was experiencing discomfort in lower abdomen like my period was about to start this has continued on and off and i'm now on day 38, no sign of AF but I took a Morrisons own test yest (day 37) and it was negative. Was that too early to test??
If my luteal phase is 14 days (not sure exactly as my cycles have been all over the place) I'd be due my period on 02/01/15.
Could I have taken the test a little early? Is there still a chance I could get a BFP??
I'd hate to think that I'm going to be getting cramps for a full week on the lead up to my period every month!!

Any advice offered would be helpful Thanks x

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