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tww, probably jumping the gun but...

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QueenofKelsingra Tue 30-Dec-14 20:07:10

I'm on CD 22 of 27. First cycle ttc DC4. I am so trying to be good and not get carried away but I've now had 3 days of on/off low period like cramps and (TMI coming up) I'm just been to the loo and there was some sticky/stretchy mucus that was tinged ever so slightly brown.....and I'm still cramping.

I never spot normally, I can set a clock by my periods.....think I'm allowed to be quietly hopeful??

also - how long before I can test! I so want to test right now (which I know is too early and wrong time of day)

didn't notice implantation bleeding in my previous pregnancies!

anyone have similar and then when did you get your BFP?

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