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Ladies need your opinion please?

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cavamonster Tue 30-Dec-14 19:49:27

So I have been on a few buses a while back but stepped away as it was all becoming too hard but we have still been TTC. Short story is I'm 37, had three Mmc's and also had four hysteroscopy's for asherman's that has occurred after my erpc's. I am also under the care of Lesley Regan at ST Mary's.

So anyway this month as two of our miscarriages have happened after conceiving in Previous Decembers we didn't really try, I have had my usual cramp and pms also I had an internal scan on day 21 and the woman said I had quite a low womb lining but I'd need to wait until my consultancy appointment.

Anyway I'm due any point between yesterday and tomorrow so I thought tonight I'd test (mainly to fuel my poas addiction) and I have the faintest of lines, so I test again using a clear blue dual one and whilst I waited I wiped a little blood - so presumed I'd wasted my time anyway it came up with a faintish line again. I have now found a CB digital but have no pee left so I am sat here drinking water hoping to try again but would it be possible considering the low lining, the blood when I wipe and the pms etc or is this just a cruel experience teaching me to wait till I am late???

What's your thought's ladies? Completely panicking here due to nerves and also the fact I have drank over Christmas and eaten loads of cheese etc instead of how careful I usually am!

Mrsgentle2014 Tue 30-Dec-14 19:54:39

Sometimes you find that when you step back and stopping worrying or actively trying - it happens.
Id give it a few more days, rest up and test again. The faint line is a positive sign .. ! smile
Sending plenty of wonderful thoughts though flowers xx

cavamonster Tue 30-Dec-14 21:07:48

Thanks Mrs Gentle. I have done the CB Digital now and it says 1-2 weeks pregnant. So I've basically prescribed myself bed rest for next 4 days and fx I have no more spotting, scared it is a chemical due to the strange symptoms.

Confused but hopeful

DistressedAndAlarmed Tue 30-Dec-14 21:13:08

A line's a line ain't it? Congrats, hope it sticks. smile

Mrsgentle2014 Tue 30-Dec-14 21:20:02

eee! yes! Plenty of bedrest and plenty of (was going to say wine, but dont do that!) tea smile

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