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BFP then BFN, any experience?

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CoffeeTwo Tue 30-Dec-14 09:58:56

2 days ago at 8dpo I tested with my fmu and got a faint BFP with a superdrug test. It took about ten minutes to show up. The line was faint but it was pink and it stayed there.

That afternoon I got a bfn. The next day I got a bfn. And this morning at 10dpo I got a bfn with the same brand.

Does anyone know what the likely reason is? Is this an early and brief chemical pregnancy? Or was it a dodgy test?

I let myself believe for a short whilst and it's really crushed me. This is cycle 5 but month 6 as I have long cycles.

Number3cometome Tue 30-Dec-14 12:02:27

Hi there,

What you probably had was an evap line - tests shouldn't be read after more than a few minutes as this can happen.

It happened to me 2 months before I feel pregnant and I was quite upset by it as for a short while I thought it was the one.

If you have had BFN's since, I think you can safely assume this was not a pregnancy. Fingers crossed for you that it will happen soon x

colourfulbear2012 Tue 30-Dec-14 12:27:52

This has just happened to me. I had a faint bfp that was pink but extremely faint and came up within the time limit. The next day i tested again and got a bfn then a few days later i got bfn as well. My doctor has told me to wait a week and if no period shows test again as the extremely faint bfp could have been either and evap or a true bfp and other tests just aren't picking it up yet because even tests from the same batch tests have different amounts of the dye that turn the test pink. From this advice i am just going to test again next week and take that as a definitive answer.I have also just stopped using mirena so could be the reason for no bleeding for a month and a half. But if no AF arrives just test again your not out til the red lady sings after all smile xx

CoffeeTwo Tue 30-Dec-14 15:19:07

Thanks both of you.

I had read that evap lines wouldn't have colour in them but it does sound likely that that's what has happened here.

colourful thanks for sharing, I hope you get some answers soon! I'm really struggling not to pee on all the sticks in the house argh. I need to learn to be patient!

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