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Chances of becoming pregnant whilst breastfeeding?

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ohcluttergotme Tue 30-Dec-14 07:55:22

Got a 6 months old baby and haven't had any periods.

Had sex for first time with my DH last Monday and on Tuesday had sticky white egg mucus which means I think I ovulated.
So, feel I'm kind of in the 2WW.

What do people think are the chances of conceiving?

If negative I'm going to see the GP and request the contraception injection.

perfectlybroken Tue 30-Dec-14 07:59:38

I got pregnant while bfing but my periods had returned.

thinkingaboutthis Tue 30-Dec-14 08:01:50

Unless the baby is exclusively breastfed with no bottles/dummies and no big gaps without feeds (e.g.. overnight) then breastfeeding won't offer much protection.

ohcluttergotme Tue 30-Dec-14 08:15:17

She was exclusively breastfed and feeding a lot through the night but a couple of weeks ago I started to gently wean and also offered a bottle of formula every other day.
I'm wondering if this has been what's started things off?

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