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Clearblue digital OPK help please...ASAP!

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fififolle Mon 29-Dec-14 22:31:40

We're TTC DC#2. This is my second proper cycle post MMC. I know that I normally ovulate around CD18 so was surprised at -ve OPK at lunch time.
I was convinced that I should be ovulating but suddenly get paranoid as I've been taking EPO and B6 for the first time this cycle. Anyway, I've just tested again and got a lovely big smiley face.
My question is, when will I now ovulate (as I know that this detects LH surge)?
We DTD last night and the night before so I just want to make sure we get the best shot at it!

deeplybaffled Tue 30-Dec-14 00:17:06

I think it is normally within the next 12-36 hours, if you had a static smiley face - good luck! But I think that you are supposed to use first morning urine on a clear blue opk, so not sure if that changes anything?
Sorry, not very expert, so maybe someone else can shed more accurate light on it?

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