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emmielou1107 Mon 29-Dec-14 11:41:52

hi all im new to all this and trying to conceive baby no1....

Where shall I and my partner used a known donor to help us achieve our goals of becoming parents. Everything went smoothly and insemination went good as far as we knew. Following day I had lower cramps and the feeling of nausea (maybe it was all in my head) this lasted on and off for a couple of days.
Approximately 12dpo I started to have slight bleeding only when I wiped. (I was due period 26th but bleeding started 23rd) this was VERY strange for me im never early if always im late. I was very light and it was as if it was waterd down. Only lasted 3 days where as usually im 4-5 days.
So if it was implantation bleed ive seen loads of other threads saying not to test until at least a week later. Me being very impatient I tested on the day I was due period, -ve left it for a couple of days and tested again last night and it was again -ve.
Since bleed ive still had cramps, lower back ache and im bloated (bigger than usual with period)
Am I being stupid and is it all in my head, could I be pregnant even with 2 -ve tests.
As I said this is my first time ttc so im checking every symptom and every little change.


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