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On the pill since John Major was Prime Minister! Any over 35s new to TTC #1?

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NoveltySlippers Sun 28-Dec-14 23:09:18

Hi all

I'm 37 (and a half) and of course wish I'd bloomin got a move on earlier.

I'm not yet eligible to join the Elderberry Pavlovas as I haven't been TTC for a year yet. I'm just on cycle one at the moment.

I don't know what my cycles are like yet as I've been on the pill since the year dot (see thread title shock).

Any others in a similar situ?

Handholding at the mo would be great as am so new to this. Would be great to know if there are any others just starting out and TTC #1.

I think there was a thread for people in this situ, but the OP got her BFP and so thread disappeared!

rachelrawrrr Sun 28-Dec-14 23:38:27

I've just came off the pill after being on it for about 6 years and we're ttc #1 too! grin
it's such an exciting time!
I'm not over 35, but I also don't know what my cycles are like either!
I think this website is amazing for people, I don't have anyone who I can chat to about this, so it's great to chat to people who are in the same situation!

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 00:25:17

It is good rachel - it's much harder IRL cos if you tell too many people about TTC they might be 'watching' you expectantly (though being the age I am people are probably doing that already - especially MIL!).

Would also be impossible to learn as much as I've learnt from just a few weeks reading this board - so helpful!

rachelrawrrr Mon 29-Dec-14 00:29:00

It really is! yeah we're waiting until it happens to tell family haha
when did you come off the pill? I'm having some horrible symptoms and I'm wondering what anyone else's experiences were with coming off them
oh I know, so helpful, my OH and I discussed it and such but I've only just (after reading on here) started to consider checking my temperature and stuff... but it all seems overwhelming haha

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 00:34:58

I took my last pill (Marvelon) a month ago yesterday. I had my usual withdrawal bleed - then two weeks later had what I think was a period.

I say 'think' because it was lighter than what my periods used to be like (bear in mind this was a hundred years ago).

I really wish I'd come off the pill years ago, even if not TTC then, but I stayed on it because I used to get very spotty when off it. So I'm worried they'll come back with a vengeance shortly.

In terms of other symptoms, although I had that period ten days ago, I've been spotting today and yesterday. Am guessing my body is just totally confused after 17 years of being suppressed! confused

Ele2013 Mon 29-Dec-14 00:38:34

Hi, I am older than you, we tried to conceive for almost two years, then saw Drs who tried to pressure us into IVF and such, which we ultimately decided not to do and we kind of decided to take it easy, either we have a little one or not life goes on. and voila we are expecting.... taking it easy on yourself helps. also clearblue test for when to conceive works wonders.

rachelrawrrr Mon 29-Dec-14 00:40:14

I see! I was on cerazette, because I'm overweight, I stopped 2 weeks ago but my body is going rife! I've had bad cramping (could have sworn AF would appear but hasn't), my boobs are just so sore (which is awful because my cat loves to knead on me haha) and my moods, oh my god haha, I'll be fine, then I'll start crying then 5 minutes later I'll be laughing my arse off and then minutes later I want to try and make a baby... It's unreal! haha my poor OH is probably terrified! and this nausea is terrible too, won't go away unless I eat sad wish I'd never started the pill, it's horrible!

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 00:42:32

Hi Ele - thanks, lovely to hear such a good story!

Which test is that, do you mean an ovulation predictor kit? (Not tried one yet.)

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 00:45:55

Ooh nausea already, maybe you're pregnant already rachel! grin (Though don't ask me - complete TTC novice.)

You've reminded me re. other symptoms since coming off - yes, v sore boobs indeed! hmm

rachelrawrrr Mon 29-Dec-14 00:50:12

I think there can be similar symptoms, trying to not get my hopes up, but it's hard not to presume! nauseous every night for the last 3 days, until I eat. currently having to eat a yule log to subdue it just now haha wink took a test today, even though I know its far too early but I'm so impatient confused

Rainy34 Mon 29-Dec-14 09:41:57

Hi, I am 34 and was on the pill for nine years, I have been off the pill a year now but we only started trying in June , I felt much better when I came off the pill , the only thing Is my af is a lot lighter and have spotting before I come on and to start with they were all over the place for a few months, I would suggest to take folic acid or conception vitamins , I am also taking evening primrose oil until ovulation to balance my hormones, I have found this site really useful and there are buses you can join in here and talk to others that are in the same situation which helps a lot

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 10:08:18

Rainy that's great you've felt better since coming off. I'm hoping I will too. I definitely wasn't expecting the lighter periods.

I've seen the buses but might feel a bit geriatric on them. It's amazing what a few years difference makes in the world of TTC kicks self for not getting busy earlier. I just hadn't met the right man until I was 35, and of course I didn't want to start TTC straight away when I did!

I bought some Boots Conception vits last month, then saw some Zita West ones yesterday which had much higher amounts of vits, but v. expensive. Are there any really popular ones?

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 10:47:19

rachel Yule log (no pun intended) is the answer to most things I find!

scottishbride Mon 29-Dec-14 10:54:42

I'm 34 and had a mirena coil in for a year, and on the pill before that. Coil came out in March 2014 cos it was making me feel depressed- I wish I'd made that link earlier, had a very miserable few months! Anyhoo, got married in July this year and started "trying", but got very stressed with tracking mucus (no opks or taking temperature because I was stressed enough already), and we missed a few months because DH could not perform under such pressure! I'm not surprised!!
Feeling older than a lot of my friends who now have school age children, or the ones who have got pregnant straight away, grrr, so have been on and off some of the buses.
Just wanted to say hello really, I cannot offer any advice really as never got near being pregnant, but the only advice that seems to work and is the hardest to follow is to just relax! I have actually started yoga in the last few months and I need to practise it more because I think it might help me.
Good luck!

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 11:08:21

Thanks scottishbride - it's good to know I'm not alone!

Yes, the world of CM was totally new to me. I can't believe I didn't actually understand any of my reproductive functions for all those years. (I remember considerable CM when I was younger and had no idea it 'meant' anything!)

I sort of suspect I might have PCOS, which complicates things, as I'm very spotty when not on the pill and I collect weight round my middle. So just a theory, and I can't have it tested apparently until I've been off the pill for some months. But I've read on here that checking your temperature etc can be unhelpful if you have that, so I may not even try, as it does sound stressful.

I know what you mean about all your friends having kids at this stage. It's so strange having spent my whole life avoiding pregnancy, and suddenly it's like 'reverse, reverse'!

Spent a long time on my education, and also came from a Catholic family where I was told I'd get kicked out if I got pregnant (not sure if that was an empty threat though hmm).

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 11:10:28

NB. Yes, was thinking I should start yoga or meditation to try and aid relaxation too!

Purplecuddlykoala14 Mon 29-Dec-14 12:45:03

Hi ya,

I'm 38 (and 3/4). Just starting out ttc #1. Only recently felt like the right time. Been tracking my cycles for a few months as had no idea what to expect after being on the pill for 20+ years - seems this last month the pill maybe finally out of my system as ov on cd 16 but cycle only 22 days. Found temping useful to see that Things seem to be working. For us over 35's they say go to the dr's after only 6 months of trying as can take a while to get an appointment with a specialist.

scottishbride Mon 29-Dec-14 14:38:11

NoveltySlippers you are certainly not alone! These threads have certainly taught me that!
Strange you mention PCOS as I'm worried about that too - mainly because I have a lot of facial hair - it all comes out with plucking TMI?? but maybe a symptom. However, I have regular periods and think I always have done when not on some form of hormones! I can't believe how hard I tried to avoid pregnancy even when I met the right chap - after most of my friends were already married, but definitely worth the wait because he is just amazing and my aim for the next couple of months is to make him happy and remember why he married me - he certainly did not choose to marry a baby obsessed witch - she is leaving and a calm, fun, cheeky, sexy lady is coming back!
I have joined a dru yoga class so it has some flowing movements in it which is very calming. Also started golf lessons too - this is more so that I can play with DH but it is also quite therapeutic!!

rachelrawrrr Mon 29-Dec-14 16:13:57

I think I'm gonna start the yoga up too! I'm quite overweight so maybe some gentle exercises will help things grin
it's funny you say you're baby obsessed - scottishbride - I was just waiting and didn't want to mention it in case I scared him off, but now he's asked if we should try, I've become obsessed grin

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 18:12:56

Hi purple. Oh good I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been on the pill for so long, I was worried I might be a freak!

If you ovulate on CD 16 and cycle is 22 days long, what does that mean for your luteal phase? (Another phrase / concept I'd never heard of until recently!)

I'm just interested as before the pill I'd always had very short cycles too (about 3 weeks), so I'll probably be in a similar boat.

Have you been TTC for more than six months and have you been to the docs? Just wondering what the process is if you do, if so.

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 18:18:29

scottishbride that's the spirit! Golf with DH sounds fun. Being active etc definitely sounds like the way forward - to take your mind off TTC, to keep fit and to relax. I live near a park and have no excuses - just wish it wasn't so cold!

Re possible PCOS symptoms, yes, strangely I get hairs around my right nipple, but none on my left! Have always been very confused by this!

rachel yes - it's like once the cat's out of the bag it's hard not to overshare. I've just downloaded the Ovia app today and think I may refrain from sharing that , as it sounds like partners might think it's OTT!

Rainy34 Mon 29-Dec-14 19:02:14

Novelty Slippers, there are a brand called pregnacare, i think there about £10, and have a lot of vitamins in them,

NoveltySlippers Mon 29-Dec-14 19:13:08

Thanks rainy - I'll check it out at Boots!

Purplecuddlykoala14 Mon 29-Dec-14 22:21:43

Hi Novelty, only on my 2nd cycle - although the last one was a bit of a disaster so might not count it smile. I just read somewhere not to leave it too long if you're older.
I didn't even know what ovulation was never mind all these other things. Since coming off the pill my cycles have been 24-26 days with Lp of 11 which seemed Ok compared to some. Hoping this month was just a bit dodgy and it settles down again.
Going to the Doc's tomorrow to see if there's anything I can get to increase LP a bit.

Cardabelle Tue 30-Dec-14 05:54:06

Hi - yes me! 35, TTC#1 cycle 1... Also started the pill in 96 then coil since 02 and didn't meet the right person till relatively recently.

it's less than 2 weeks since I had my coil removed and it feels like a year already. 2015 is going to be an emotional rollercoaster one way or another... Thanks for starting this thread, good to have company on the journey.

I'm particularly nervous as I used to have awful periods before bc- very heavy, long, short cycles, terrible cramps and mood swings, which was main reason for being prescribed the pill then mirena. Hoping at least some of those symptoms were teenage and would have gone away by now regardless... on the flip side, if DP sees a month or two of that, he might get more on board with optimising timing of dtd to spare me from any more of it!

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