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Implantation? I need all your experience... !!?

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Mrsgentle2014 Sun 28-Dec-14 22:56:11

Evening.. smile
Just a bit of advice needed really with regards to implantation?
Apparently it is a myth, but a quick look on here shows it is fairly common amongst us women..
SO! my cycle is a little all over the place.. but I should have been due on in the last week or so. For the last week, Ive been nauseous, sore, veiny and heavy boobs. Peeing LOADS, sleeping even more but no signs of AF.. SO bloated too - people are commenting on my tummy!
then today - slight left sided cramp and the smallest, blink and you'll miss it, pinky discharge.

Could this be implantation bleeding? Or is it too late???

going insane, I swear!

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