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Blood tests confusion - 21 days?

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vincentaroony Sat 27-Dec-14 18:32:10

DH and I are TTC #1, been trying for 9 months since coming off the pill and nothing's happened. My cycles were 28 days before going on the pill but are now always 22-25 days.

Went to see the GP who said not to worry about cycle length as it can alter after the pill. But I am concerned my LP may be too short. The doc said to book in for blood tests on day 2-4 and day 21 of my next cycle.

I'm going to miss the day 2-4 slot this time round unfortunately due to Christmas. But is it right that the progesterone test should be on day 21? From Googling, it looks like this test should be done 7 days before my next AF, whereas with my cycles AF might show up the following day? Day 21 falls on a Saturday, so should I book in on the Friday - day 20? I am clueless with all this but really really want my BFP as soon as possible!

sammylou1 Sat 27-Dec-14 18:58:33


The 'day 21' test should be done 7 days before your period. So for a regular 28 day cycle this would be day 21. For a 25 day circle it should be done on day 18 etc.
With your cycle length you will miss ovulation if you wait until day 21.

Hope this makes sense, X

vincentaroony Sat 27-Dec-14 20:29:08

Thank you for replying sammylou, that's what I thought! Bit confused since I had just described my cycles to the doc but I will ring in the new year and make sure I get the right date.

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