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Anyone used Clearblue digital ovulation test with dual hormone indicator?

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gossipgirl81 Fri 26-Dec-14 20:56:06


I just bought today the Clearblue digital ovulation test which is supposed to give you 4 fertile days. It was £27 quid so it better work as I can't afford to be paying that every month!
My AF came today, so I was gutted, I convinced myself that I had all the symptoms, nausea, sore breasts, but I'm obvs not pregnant!
This is my 3rd month of trying, I have been using the cheap ovulation sticks off the internet but they're not really helping.
Has anyone used the Clearblue digital tests and do you have any positive experiences with it?

Owlysims Fri 26-Dec-14 21:59:13

I used them whilst ttc my son. And to be honest they didn't work well. I would have lots of flashing days and then have the fixed but it turned out that I wouldn't have been ovulated when they said but a lot earlier!! Probably why it took me a year to conceive!!

My advice is to dtd as often as possible and pretty much as soon as af buggers off! This is what we did month we conceived!!

Good luck!! smile

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