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Obsessed with being pregnant..?

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Mrsgentle2014 Fri 26-Dec-14 17:36:26

Hi.. Just after a bit of advise. It is something I just can't explain.
I'm 25, newly married after 6 years with my husband.
We always said we would wait until I was at least 30 before having children - we want to travel and see a few more things first. I was always dead set against having children yet.. But I find myself obsessing over being pregnant. I dream about it constantly, sit and daydream about it and all of a sudden find babies cute - I've never ever been like this.
I was diagnosed with endometriosis a year ago and in recent months have struggled daily with it - I don't know whether this is me thinking, I need to have babies before my bodies doesn't allow me to anymore? Or whether I'm a married woman who is suddenly desperate to have babies - it's come out of nowhere!?
It doesn't help that my husband is so anti having a baby yet - to the point where it would divide us massively even to the point of breaking up.
I had to come off everything contraception wise in August due my endometriosis... So I'm manic symptom watching just incase.
I feel like a crazy lady - is this normal??

nightandthelight Fri 26-Dec-14 19:27:46

Hi Mrsgentle

I can't comment on the endometriosis I'm afraid but I can tell you that I got married a year ago and my broodiness has gone through the roof since, no idea why getting married acted as a switch but there we go!

I find that the only way to forget about it is to cram my life full of things which is not always easy. If you are able to see friends and family often I would definitely recommend that.

My DH also isn't ready although we have made an agreement to start trying in the summer. Have you spoken to your DH about how you are feeling?

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