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Missfishandchips Fri 26-Dec-14 14:50:19

Aibu to see a very faint line??

19lottie82 Fri 26-Dec-14 14:55:23

I'm not sure. I wouldn't take that as a conclusive result in either direction. Maybe try again in a few days?

pictish Fri 26-Dec-14 14:55:42

It's fainter than faint. I would say it's a negative. Sorry. xx

Allstoppedup Fri 26-Dec-14 15:00:17

Possibly if you squint. I second the try again in a few days advice!

ThePrincessWhoSatOnTheSprout Fri 26-Dec-14 15:01:33

I can see a faint line - right over to the left (as looking at the picture). However I have had a few drinks. Long time since I looked at one of these, am sure the lines used to be closer together. But enlarging it, there is defo (in my opinion) a faint line... ohhhhh!

Esmeismyhero Fri 26-Dec-14 15:01:51

I was a pee on a stick nutter at one point. To me that looks like a dye smudge but negative. Xx

JuanDirection Fri 26-Dec-14 15:03:35

Oooh maybe - can you try again with fmu tomorrow? Good luck!

Andrewofgg Fri 26-Dec-14 15:06:05

May the result be whichever you want and flowers in any event. If you want a Yes and it is a Yes have a particularly Happy New Year!

LokiBear Fri 26-Dec-14 16:08:07

Break the test apart and hold the strip up to the light. You will be able to see the faintest of lines more clearly. Hope you get the result you want.

Romeorodriguez Fri 26-Dec-14 18:14:50

I think it is negative, I can't see a faint line.

FourEyesGoodKingWenceslas Fri 26-Dec-14 18:31:46

I can't see a line - sorry.
And YABU to use 'AIBU' as your thread title without even a hint about the subject.

MissBattleaxe Fri 26-Dec-14 18:34:08

I wouldn't take that as conclusive in either direction, but good luck with future tests.

And I second Foureyes- for goodness sake put a subject in your subject line, we already know its AIBU!

wonderingsoul Fri 26-Dec-14 18:41:29

i can see a very faint pink line.

do another later tonigh and come show us :D

WeeFreeKings Fri 26-Dec-14 18:44:11

Inconclusive I'm afraid. Try again tomorrow with your first wee of the day as it contains the most hormones.

RoastingYourChestnutsHurtsAlot Fri 26-Dec-14 18:49:43


fluffyraggies Fri 26-Dec-14 19:16:26

YABU for not putting the POAS warning in your title. There was a time when seeing this would have upset me.

MidniteScribbler Fri 26-Dec-14 21:30:46

Why do you think a bunch of strangers are interested in staring at a stick you have peed on? See a doctor, not an internet forum.

LovleyRitaMeterMaid Fri 26-Dec-14 21:34:28

A poas warning? I've heard it all now.

I see a faint line but it looks more like where the line should be rather than a line.

Try again in the morning!

I spent a long time ttc number 2 and peering at these sticks. I had a very faint line once, he's 2 now!

Good luck.

HungryHorace Fri 26-Dec-14 21:34:43

I'm not sure it's in the right place. :-/

You'll need to do another tomorrow with FMU.

SamiBE Fri 26-Dec-14 21:41:37

Try in the morning with your first wee as pregnancy hormones are higher. Hope you get the result you want flowers

gamerchick Fri 26-Dec-14 21:42:56

That's a negative. Do another one with FMW.

sarkymare Fri 26-Dec-14 21:58:19

I'm with fluffy on that one. Well, not a warning as such but an indication in the subject line would have been nice. That way I would have known not to open the thread.

I've found it really difficult to come to terms with a recent MMC. After all of yesterdays pregnancy announcements within my social group, one in particular is due the day my baby would have been, I would have probably bawled my eyes out if I had opened this thread and the first thing I saw was a positive pregnancy test.

Anyway, I don't see a line. I advise you to take another in a day or two.

Bair Fri 26-Dec-14 21:59:25


GraysAnalogy Fri 26-Dec-14 22:01:02

No line.

GraysAnalogy Fri 26-Dec-14 22:01:38

Hopefully mumsnet could put a warning on this, there's a woman on here who lost her child today I wouldn't want her to see it.

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