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Nausea after miscarriage

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Rnegray Tue 23-Dec-14 14:41:31

Hi all.

I got BFP 7th Dec but started bleeding 8th Dec. last period was 8th Nov.

Went to EPAU and they did urine rest which shows negative.

I am feeling so nauseous. I've actually been sick twice. It's like acid reflux and it won't go away.

I've continues having sex with my OH as we want to try again. I'm not sure if we could have conceived this soon or if it is a symptom of the miscarriage.

Any advice would be great.

NB: Did a test this morning (First Response) and was negative.

wonkylegs Tue 23-Dec-14 14:51:05

You can get nausea & other pregnancy symptoms following miscarriage as it may take a while for the hormones to clear your system.
It can feel a bit cruel but is normal.

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