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Frustrated grrrr!

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Mikeysmum2906 Tue 23-Dec-14 07:19:38

Been using clearblue monitor and got a peak first thing today so go and dtd wihout mentioning the peak go thru all motions etc but dp dont shoot. I never told him it was a peak day but getting annoyed as every month he has some issue when dtd either tired, flops, no in mood. Starting to get really annoyed but trying hard not to let on as I'll just add to his issues. I hate ttc bloody hard work lol. Now I'm going to be in a right grump for today.

BeginnersLuck Tue 23-Dec-14 09:51:12

Oh man, I totally hear you. No wise words but much sympathy. My DP seemed to get sick/be too tired/not in the mood EVERY month around ovulation. Must've been a conspiracy though as I hadn't told him I was even using OPKs!
Now he knows I use them. If I don't tell him, then I can't complain, but if I do, then there is a risk that it's 'too much pressure', or has 'ruined the mood'. Gah!

Bustherb Sat 27-Dec-14 18:39:51

My hubby was the same, I ended up buying a few small items from ann summers ( new underware etc) to spice things up a bit as i felt like we concentrated on dtd to get pregnant too much. The first month I spiced things up was the month i caught.

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