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So confused!

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Lorriella Mon 22-Dec-14 16:15:31

OK I'm feeling very confused.

I stopped the pill on the 1st Dec (Cerelle) and we've been DTD regularly. I think I ov'd on the 12th. How early is a positive result likely to show? I have been having mild cramps when I lie down at night (for the last 2 nights, nothing serious just a slight irritation) and for the last 2 days after eating I have a horrible taste in my mouth.

I did a cheapy pregnancy test this morning which was just a £1 one off ebay but they claim to be very accurate.

I've just gone out and bought a First Response and I'm wondering if I should test in the morning or am I just having wishful thinking and should wait? Any experience?

fattycow Mon 22-Dec-14 16:26:35

As it is only the 22nd, I would wait for a bit.

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