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Repeat blood tests

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DaftOne Mon 22-Dec-14 15:04:15

Hello, wondering if anyone can help me. I've been TTC for about 14 months now and just started investigations. Been for the Day 1-3 tests and when I rang up for results I was told I have to repeat the test but they couldn't tell me why. Does that mean that something was wrong and they repeat the test to see if it's definitely wrong? Has anyone had experience of this? Sorry if it's a stupid question - obviously not a big deal in grand scheme of things/not worth worrying about but the 14 months of trying has kind of got me down. I guess I'm so sure now that something is wrong I just want to know what and I can't help thinking it's something to do with this test. Any info about why they might repeat the test would be really appreciated. Thanks.

DaftOne Fri 02-Jan-15 21:20:47

Sorry, I realise that first post was pretty pointless. But I have another question and I'm hoping someone might help me. I went to the nurse today to get my day 21 blood done. When I was there I asked her if she could tell me what had happened with my day 1-3 test - why I had to repeat it. She said the day 1-3 test showed my progesterone was abnormally low. I now think the Dr who interpreted the test got my tests the wrong way round -i.e. she interpreted my day 1-3 as though it were my day 21. I have an appointment with the Dr on Thurs but in the meantime can anyone tell me: 1) am I right to think progesterone can't be "abnormally low" on day 1-3? 2) if I'm right and the test was misinterpreted, will she now have all the data she needs once I've explained which way round the tests go to give me a true result? Or are the two tests checked for different things so that I will have to start completely again from scratch next cycle? Thanks so much for any answers, I know I'm being a bit neurotic/impatient.

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