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Positive tests..

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Leasa21 Sun 21-Dec-14 15:53:39

Hi. Me and my partner have been trying to conceive for the past 6 months. Because of coming off the injection I knew it would be harder to conceive as it can take a while to come out the body. I've been testing for the past 5 months and always been a negative. The past few weeks I've been having mild cramping and a missed period. Decided to do a pregnancy test today and it had a really strong positive and so decided to go and buy some more. The first was a SuperDrug own brand and the second was a clear blue and they both came out with strong positives. I then did another clear blue and it didn't test properly, wasn't negative it just failed as a test (maybe because I've weed three times in an hour) what should I take this as?

MaxsMummy2012 Sun 21-Dec-14 15:55:02

You're pregnant. Congratulations fwink

Leasa21 Sun 21-Dec-14 16:02:30

I really hope so! I have two more tests and I'm going to test in the morning just for sound of mind. My boyfriend won't believe it until theirs a 3rd positive lol x

Leasa21 Sun 21-Dec-14 17:51:48

I've now done 4. Two strong positives and 2 that were inconclusive. Would this be from drinking too much water and doing it too soon after one another? x

cookielove Sun 21-Dec-14 20:08:18

When you say inconclusive what does the test look like? Can you put a photo up? You have had several + tests I think it is safe to say you are pregnant.

Reasons for inconclusive tests could be because you flooded the tests, or that your hcg is running low due to peeing lots.

If you want/need to test again wait till the morning when hcg is at its strongest!

itssangriaoclock Sun 21-Dec-14 20:09:28

Would def say your pregnant. Wait until your first wee in the morning for a definitive answer.

Congratulations, what a great Christmas present

Leasa21 Mon 22-Dec-14 07:42:38

I've just done one this morning and its came up straight away as positive. Omg I can't believe it. Now I've done 3 positives and they're 3 different brands I can believe it more. Omg smile x

itssangriaoclock Mon 22-Dec-14 07:47:00

Leasa21 believe it huni your pregnant. Congratulations.

Leasa21 Mon 22-Dec-14 08:27:53

For some reason I'm just so worried il go to the doctors and something will be up. I know I shouldn't think like that but I think when you want something so much you're not sure what to believe lol x

MrsLowe14 Mon 22-Dec-14 10:11:18

I think it's perfectly normal to be worried. I'm sure everything will be fine, congratulations and merry Christmas. Sober New Years eve for you lol grin

cookielove Tue 23-Dec-14 20:46:22

I'm confused on your other thread you have had a scan to confirm pregnancy, why are you still testing now?

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