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How long to take vitamins before ttc?

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Mylittleponyisskinnyandbony Sun 21-Dec-14 08:27:12

We're thinking about ttc in early 2015. Bought some conception vitamins. How long is it best to take them for before trying?

Gilraen Sun 21-Dec-14 08:30:05

I belive the advice is ideally three months before for folic acid. Although I wouldn't get hung up on it if you don't quite manage the whole three months, especially if you have a healthy well balanced diet anyway.

itssangriaoclock Sun 21-Dec-14 20:11:46

Gilraen is right ideally 3 months. All you really need is folic acid and vitamin d. Tescos do the separately or boots do them combined.

Any vitamins are a bonus xx

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