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Off the pill for over a month. Still no period!

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milkandchalk Fri 19-Dec-14 20:55:02

Am I being premature in worrying? Was taken off the patch and put on Cerazette POP just over a year ago. Really want to crack on with getting preggers!!

tootsroots Fri 19-Dec-14 21:01:27

hey!!! sad to say I do not bring overly wonderful news - it can take ea while for the body to settle post pill - a stat i heard is that ladies find it takes about 6 months or so sometimes ! But... Here are two possible outcomes:

1) Upduffed already!
2) you could be like me .. i had nothing for 40 days then two other cycles so far of 46 ish. However... i seem to have ov today so it can take a while to Crack on.. the practice is fun tho!

smile Good Luck!!!

ArgentinianMalbec Fri 19-Dec-14 21:03:15

My first cycle after I stopped taking the pill (dianette) was 45 days. Sometimes it takes a while before they will regulate. smile

bluebeanie Fri 19-Dec-14 21:45:41

Give it timesmile didn't get mine for a year (worst case scenario) and was actually put back on the pill for a month to kick start things off (hidden pcos), but I've got dd (15 months old now. Conceived after 3 cycles ttc) and thinking of no 2. It'll be fine.

surferchic41212 Sat 20-Dec-14 13:18:47

I came off the pill in July, had one 'AF' then none again till October.. Doctor said it is quite common.. For longer than 6 months it's called ammenhorea.. Mine is now totally back to normal though.. Hope yours returns soon.. It's so weird not having a cycle if you were regular..

GlitteryLipgloss Sat 20-Dec-14 13:23:00

Took me 9 months after the depo injections. Don't fret x

milkandchalk Sun 21-Dec-14 11:34:16

OMFG BFP!!!! cannot believe this! honestly thought this was going to take at least a.year!!!

tootsroots Sun 21-Dec-14 19:02:54

WOOOP!!!!Option one!! UPDATED! congrts!

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