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Low sperm count

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Blue500 Thu 18-Dec-14 22:17:42

Hi all
Just wondering what others have done when discovering DH has low sperm?
His tests show he is low on everything expect the count. So I assume that means he has a lot of swimmers but they're just really poor quality.

I'm going to stock him up on vitamins and he doesn't drink or smoke. He's going to avoid the jacuzzi and steam room at the gym and wear looser boxers but is there anything else??

Additional problem is that DH is on anti depressants which we've been told conflicting advice that it may or may not affect his swimmers. He's been on them for nearly 2 years so I'm worried the amount of damage they may have done.

Any advice or similar experience greatly appreciated grin

Cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Thu 18-Dec-14 22:27:13

Hi blue

Have you had his results confirmed? I mean more than 1 test?

Blue500 Thu 18-Dec-14 22:51:52

Hi Can't - gp has offered a second test so we can compare...

WestCountryLondonGirl Fri 19-Dec-14 00:27:28

My DH had 2 tests come back in September with a really low count - 4 and 5 million, when they look for at least 15 or 20. It was a huge shock for him and he started taking various supplements that are supposed to help, including zinc. After we saw a fertility consultant at the start of Nov he also stopped putting his laptop on his lap. Interestingly, the fertility consultant noticed that the first sample wasn't analysed for about 2 hours after he delivered it. I've got no idea whether it was the changes DH made, or whether the first sample would have been ok if it had been analysed in good time and the bad news stressed him out so that the second sample really was crap, but I am now 6 weeks and a day pregnant! We had been really thinking it was bound to be the IVF route for us, but life is full of surprises. And I wouldn't worry too much about saunas etc. - we were in a spa in Budapest less than a week before we conceived!

Good luck - I know it's horrible to get news like that, but I'm sure we won't be the only ones with a happy ending x

MoJangled Fri 19-Dec-14 00:39:54

One technique that the best fertility clinics are using is a month's antibiotic treatment for chaps. DH had this and his swimmers went from low quality/quantity and only suitable for ICSI (ie: selecting an individual sperm and injecting it into an egg in IVF, used when they cant be trusted to get there on their own), to within normal ranges and fine for normal IVF.

The antibiotic used was doxycycline, from memory. This addresses low level infections that are dampening down the sperm factories - could be from a bug he had a few months ago, nothing sinister.

Also bear in mind that sperm production takes 3 months. So he needs to be clean-livin' for that long before you see the benefits in swimmer quality, ideally with a great diet and the antibiotic course at the start. This does include no hot baths, saunas etc

However, antibiotic therapy is mostly used in advanced fertility clinics abroad and the UK tends to be a bit dismissive of male factor infertility treatments. You might be in a good one though so worth asking!

There's a whole thread about male factor with loads of info over on Fertility Friends. Good luck!

Blue500 Fri 19-Dec-14 08:10:31

Thanks so much for these helpful comments I really appreciate it grin

Yes I did read that it can take up to 3 mths for the quality to improve so I'm trying to get cracking now! Will look into your suggestions - thanks Ladies x

Heels99 Fri 19-Dec-14 13:13:58

Icsi worked for us, all those other things a tally don't make the kind if improvement required in most cases.
Good luck

naty1 Sun 21-Dec-14 11:29:34

Not sure but think antiD can affect vitamin levels and maybe thyroid function (in women so i assume men too)
If test was done at home and rushed to clinic that seems to make a difference.
I think diet (too much junk food) and bmi can also affect them.

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