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Reading the Conception board during TWW = BFP

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NewLeafExpat Wed 17-Dec-14 04:21:24

I am somewhere in the TWW and will test again before xmas... hoping that my daily reading of the Mumsnet Conception board for nothing in particular will help along my BFP which I'm expecting...

TTC#1 since January. Looking forward to my BFP for Xmas (hopefully! Positive thinking...)

Come on baby!!!!

Any other way to pass the time?

I am emigrating in 10 days I would add so its not like I'm not ridonkulously busy or anything. Just a one track mind! grin

Cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Wed 17-Dec-14 11:45:33

Hi Newleaf

Have you had any tests as to why you may not be pregnant yet etc?

I am also somewhere in the 2ww, although I'm not exactly sure when (or if I did) as I don't think I 'feel' ovulation and my temps were all over the place due to a fever!

I am ttc#2 (but first bio with my OH) I don't ovulate very much, 90 day cycles bla bla, he has low sperm count but good quality. I have started acupuncture to improve regularity but only in 1st month... I also took Soy this cycle, which gave me loads of EWCM for the 1st time ever...

I also read here daily to pass time/help promise for a BFP.. A bit of symptom spotting may help pass the time?? Haha. Anything for you? I am so far on achy boobs - had this last month first time ever before my last period. However I don't have back ache which I always get with cycle. Would usually have that 1/2 days before AF which according to ff is due tomorrow. I have 'niggly' pains but cant explain them, I also have white creamy CM (not for love nor money can I find out if that is good or bad sign though). I have had a couple of spots but not as painful as AF ones (myskin flares up for AF) I am exhausted these past few days and literally struggle to do much more than get to work and back these past few days. Oh and today I can smell cooking onions I think I need a psychiatrist!! So yeah, all sorts going on in my head. Will poas tomorrow am as that's when FF says I should be due for a visit from the bitch witch. I'll rule myself out if no BFP by Sunday!

I think that even if I had the queen coming to visit, I would have a one track mind still! Where are you emigrating? Sounds very exciting!!

NewLeafExpat Wed 17-Dec-14 11:55:25

Hey cantbelieve

Wow that's quite a list of symptoms, there's a great/terrible website called Countdown To Pregnancy which if u know your DPO is v useful/dreadful for symptom spotting!

This cycle I am not really having many symptoms, didn't get any ECWM but I just feel positive.

I've had several tests/scans etc, slight PCOS and hugely irregular cycles... I had three months of regular 32 day cycles then it all went to pot, my last three cycles were 68 days and then 67 days. Today is CD33 I think. My tests show that I did ovulate albeit v late last cycle! And apparently my estrogen is low. So actually I have no idea of my cycle. Temping just leaves a flat line.

I have had a lot of acupuncture which I'm not sure helps or not, but worth a shot Huh.

Next cycle if not successful I will try soy to hopefully bring forward Ov.

U must let me know when u testing next. FX for u! wink

Cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Wed 17-Dec-14 12:03:12

Wow.. someone who understands long cycles then! Do you think it may be the stress of not conceiving which ailed your cycle? Maybe a tough few months?

I think my acupuncture is definitely helping.. I feel that something will happen this month, whether it be BFP or a normal-ish cycle. Good that you feel positive, I sometimes struggle with that.

I will certainly update you in the morning. Do you know when you will test?

FX for you also flowers

NewLeafExpat Wed 17-Dec-14 13:04:17

Yes do update in the morning! I tested this morning shock heehehe!

Like I said I'm moving country next weekend so I have 6 IC tests to use up before then.... I'm going to test every second day til then and hope for the BFP!

I'm moving country, going on a work trip to London, in limbo for a month, then moving country again so come on sod, give me the BFP and morning sickness to cope with thru it all! wink

NewLeafExpat Thu 18-Dec-14 05:23:22

Perhaps I'm not in the TWW..! Today on CD34 I have ECWM and DH is due home at 4pm after four days away....

DTD party later then...

Cantbelieveimdoingthisagain Thu 18-Dec-14 09:10:32

Hahaha, I'm glad I didn't see this until this morning, wouldn't have wanted to interrupt last night fwink Does your DH go away a lot?

Have you had any EWCM at all this cycle before now?

I am due to test today, although DD had me up before 5am with nightmares, went for a wee half asleep and flushed FMU away.... Have a first response (not early response) in my handbag, don't know whether to test, I've already had BFN's so do I bother? I know deep down that I am not pg. Grrr!

NewLeafExpat Sun 21-Dec-14 11:42:16

did you test? love POAS and I am a total addict...

no I haven't had any ECWM this cycle except for twice over the past three days along with what I think was ovulation pain AND a tiny spot of blood when I peed once.

these are the most symptoms I have had in the last year TTC, so I feel quite excited I actually know (think) I am ovulating with these ridiculously long cycles.

so, on to testing on NYE for me..! new years eve testers unite!

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