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Am I pregnant...?

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Thankgoodness Tue 16-Dec-14 07:36:40


Been TTC #2 for nearly a year. Don't have a regular AF so no idea where I am in my cycle. Yesterday did a cheapie HPT and it was negative but I thoughti could see a tiny shadow of a line in certain lights...

So I decided I was deluded and carried on - including a glass of wine!!

Then this morning did a supermarket HPT and I think I might have got a BFP.

This came up in 5 min. What do you think??
I am going to buy a cb digi today but I can hardly dare hope... Oh and am now feeling awful about the wine!!!

Rikalaily Tue 16-Dec-14 07:48:58

That's definitely a line, congratulations! Don't worry about the wine, one glass won't do any harm. smile

JustMuddlingBobBobBobbingAlong Tue 16-Dec-14 07:49:15

I can see a line. Fingers crossed.

Thankgoodness Tue 16-Dec-14 08:33:36

Thanks guys.

I can't believe it and am trying not to get too excited.

Had quite a lot of wine over the last week what with Christmas parties and Dd's birthday. Feeling so guilty but I guess I can only do the best I can from now on...

BumWad Tue 16-Dec-14 08:35:36


Thankgoodness Tue 16-Dec-14 10:57:53

Just did a CB digi and was a BFN.

Is that just cos it wasn't FMU? Or was the other test faulty.

Feeling a bit gutted and confused now!

spamanderson Tue 16-Dec-14 12:08:39

There's definitely a line but I've heard CB are less sensitive so that could be why, that and not being FMU. I'd try again in the morning. And don't worry about the wine. I fell pregnant on my 21st birthday.... So as you can imagine, there was drink involved!

Jackiebrambles Tue 16-Dec-14 12:10:22

Clear blue digi tests are loads less sensitive. You got a bfp on a first response, you are pregnant!

Give it a couple of days and you'll get a positive on a clear blue.


Thankgoodness Tue 16-Dec-14 12:53:52

Thank you!!

Really hope I get a positive tomorrow / in a couple of days.

Will try to step away from the poas addiction (and the wine just in case)

Purplelilly Tue 16-Dec-14 13:23:52

Congratulations! :D

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