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Hey LoopyLa! Can I entice you over here? (and anyone else who wanders in)

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ditzzy Mon 15-Dec-14 16:47:41

Hi Loopy, I know you're busy on the Soy thread but I just wanted to say hi, and let you know I'm stalking you!!! My cycle followed yours to the letter last month (including the cp) so I'm watching for when you test, and definitely not cracking first wink

At the moment I've had a couple of days of ewcm and definite twinges on my right hand side (left hand last month) so fingers crossed...

LoopyLa Tue 16-Dec-14 05:53:45

Haha hey dittzy, how are you? Thanks for invite smile

I was just browsing through looking to see if anyone was on the ole 2ww yet & saw your message!

No idea what's happening down there this cycle. Obv I had the chemical pregnancy and so haven't done soy this month but I wasn't going to wait around for a period so hopped back on TTC. I'm on cd19 and I think I'm on 1dpo but not entirely sure. I had 4 days of EWCM, then nothing then another day of it and used a Superdrug opk which confirmed an LH surge. I could be ov-ing today I guess so I'll keep an eye out for twinges and every other imaginary ov symptom

What cd/dpo are you on?

LoopyLa Tue 16-Dec-14 05:59:55

Is it poss to edit the title thread do you know? To include anyone on the 2ww through Xmas & New Years?

ditzzy Tue 16-Dec-14 07:58:54

The title is a bit self-limiting isn't it?! Not to worry, now I've got your attention maybe we could just head back to the original 2ww thread... it looks like its still running, with lots of familiar names coming back. Not sure how to edit it, but I've seen some edited before, so I'm sure it must be possible.

I'm cd 15 from chemical pregnancy - but I didn't really have a proper visit from AF, just the one day then. I lost count of days of ewcm at the end of last week (I was trying not to notice it as the doc had told me to wait until friday to make sure I got a BFN before starting again) so I could be 1 or 2 dpo, but I'm not as convinced on that one as I was last month! I'm not using the kits yet.... saving that for new excitement if I'm still on this board in a few months time wink

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