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3 positive home tests.... Hospital negative??

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HC2806 Mon 15-Dec-14 01:56:06

I'm 6 weeks late (periods are so regular) and Ive taken 3 home pregnancy tests all positive (1 very faint but 2 very very clear). Last night I started to get abdominal pains so went to urgent care at the hospital just to make sure and they took a urine sample and 2 of their tests came up negative. I'm completely devastated and have no idea what's going on but surely 3 positives can't be wrong!? Can anyone help?

Babiecakes11 Mon 15-Dec-14 03:05:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HC2806 Mon 15-Dec-14 03:53:44

Took this about half an hour ago... Positive test number FOUR. Im so confused!! Thankyou so much for your advice Babiecakes11 - going to get myself to my GP tomorrow!

olympicsrock Mon 15-Dec-14 04:52:42

I can only clearly see one line on my screen is the second one very faint? I would go to GP for a blood test as there is s chance this is MC or chemical pregnancy. I hope it all goes ok.

Gunpowder Mon 15-Dec-14 05:44:17

I can see a second line. I would definitely visit GP. If you have more abdominal pain I'd seek medical help immediately. Hope everything is fine and hospital test just wasn't sensitive enough.

jigglywiggly Mon 15-Dec-14 06:01:34

Slightly different story but when I went to the hospital following an ERPC , I had still been having positive tests at home so thought I had retained products. The hospital said the test was negative where in reality they just hadn't left the test long enough. I swear they just dip and read rather than leave it the alloted time. If you can take an EMU to the GP tomorrow as it will be stronger

BumWad Mon 15-Dec-14 08:17:16

That is most definetly a positive op! I think like others have said a trip to the GP is in order for some bloods maybe?

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