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What is going on?

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TheCSLibraryPree Sun 14-Dec-14 20:33:22

So, back in June had Depo. September DP and I decided to TTC and so I didn't have next Depo injection. Absolutely nothing in the way of a bleed or any period symptoms so can't plot cycle. I know it can take a while for periods to return but, I should have had my second Depo since the last one this week.

Saw GP this week as been 3 months, am 43 next week so concerned I may have left things too late in life. He told me not to worry, that average menopausal age is 52 not 42; that he's sure things will happen by themselves; that the most common reason for non return of menstruation is pregnancy. Have done tests that are BFN's so pretty sure I'm not.

Asked him about blood tests - told that I just need to relax and have fun.
Asked about trying northisterone to try and bring on cycle - told I won't need it and it will happen.
Asked about how to plot my cycle to use OPK's - told only tests I need to do are pregnancy tests.
Asked about when I should worry - told that, if nothing's happened in 3 months time, he'll chat to me again about it. But keeps insisting that, if I'm having periods then I'm ovulating and, if that's happening, then I can get pregnant.

So, anyway, yesterday it seemed as if I might have been starting a period - brown discharge when I wiped myself. Put pad on expecting things to get going overnight. This morning nothing on the pad; same all day today with fresh pad on. No more discharge, no AF symptoms or anything.

So I'm thoroughly confused by whatever my body is up to. I guess I just want some confirmation that I'm just worrying unnecessarily; that my GP really does know what he's on about and isn't just fobbing me off to save them money by not having to do tests/referrals etc. And that (which no-one really can say) everything will turn out well.

TheCSLibraryPree Sun 14-Dec-14 20:33:50

Sorry, that's ended up rather long xx

willitbe Sat 27-Dec-14 18:10:38

DEPO can really mess up your cycles, some women wait a long time before their periods come back, but it would be good to wait a little longer to see if your periods come back of their own accord first. If not then do go back to gp. Hope that you get your bfp soon.

dorasee Sat 27-Dec-14 18:19:41

Has your GP done some bloodwork in the form of checking your LH and FSH levels? I've not been on birth control since my 20s, so I'm not good at giving advice re: depot. But I had my last baby at 42 so don't despair. Not IVF. My friend is a GP and has two pregnant patients in their late 40s. But what you need to know is if your ovulating. Even a period doesn't always mean ovulation. And no periods doesn't mean no ovulation. The blood tests will give you reassurance. They will give you insight into whether or not you're ovulsting.Ask your GP. Regarding the brown discharge, I had this when I was in the early weeks of my last pregnancy. When did you last do a pregnancy test? If not recently, try another one.

dorasee Sat 27-Dec-14 18:20:13

depo not depot

naty1 Sun 28-Dec-14 15:46:24

You need to do blood tests at right time in cycle day3 and 7 days before period for them to mean anything so gp is right.
I think you need to wait. As even over 35 they advise to ttc for 6m.
I guess a fsh test might tell you how close you are to menopause- if its high. Not sure if that needs a particular day.
Were cycles irregular before depo? Or previously at all.
Think ive seen posts where it takes a while for cycles to sort out after pill or depo.
Maybe look at nice guidelines about fertility to see about the blood tests.
I would say its probably reasonable for gp to decline tests at this point as it hasnt been long at all. They didnt really want to test me despite having pcos/thyroid symptoms after 9m ttc.
Possibly the gp doesnt know the answer as they arent fertility specialists, if you are concerned it may be worth talking it over with a private consultant.
Or see a different gp, the answer could be different.
Hopefully the brown is implantation and you wont need to worry.

TheCSLibraryPree Mon 29-Dec-14 07:15:37

Thanks for the replies. Will try and answer questions. ...

No bloodwork done at all - GP only says basically go away and have sex; mentions that, if having periods, then ovulating - doesn't acknowledge that not having periods; says a course of norethisterone won't change this although one of its uses is to bring periods back after post depo gap. Also said highest growing age group for terminations are over 40's as a reference for it being easy for it to happen.

Waited 2 weeks after brownish discharge and did POAS this weekend but was bfn.

Was regular cycle of 28-30 days before depo (which only had due to new relationship - and made him wait until next AF so could be protected against bfp) .

I guess one of my concerns is that I have no reference age for mothers menopause as she had hysterectomy when my brother was born. Also I've a couple of friends who had regular AF but weren't actually ovulating so both ended up having ivf which we probably won't get because of my age.

bluewisteria Mon 29-Dec-14 21:31:26

I think you should see a different gp at your practice- ask the receptionist who would be most appropriate to see. Or change surgeries. All above posters are definitely on the wining ideas about blood work. Don't be fobbed off and loose a few months with a gp who has an inability to listen flowerscake

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