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Two week wait driving me crazy!

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SnugLitttleBug Sat 13-Dec-14 18:35:49

DH and I are ttc #2 and naturally I'm super excited! Aka really impatient lol!

We decided a few months back that when AF came back after DS we would start ttc and last month (15th November) AF returned. I've downloaded a good little fertility tracking app and made extra effort to make sure we had plenty of marital time the last month lol wink.

On cycle day 20 I noticed a speck of blood when I wiped but on cycle day 28 I got a BFN hmm.

Now (cycle day 29) I'm going silently crazy waiting to see if AF returns or if we happened to get really lucky first month of properly trying...though I doubt it because it too almost a year ttc to have DS. I just don't know how long my cycle is going to be because it's been almost 2 years since my last one hmm

Trying really hard not to get excited lol but I keep imagining how nice a Christmas bfp would be grin.

Not sure how I made it a year ttc DS because I just want to be pregnant NOW not in a year lol!

Anybody else in the same boat want to join me in trying not to get excited while secretly getting really excited at every possible "could be" symptom?

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