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Chlomid at Guys and St Thomas's London

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TinTinsSexySister Thu 11-Dec-14 16:50:08

Hoping someone can help...

Has anyone attended the Assisted Conception Unit at Guys and St Thomas and been prescribed Chlomid?

I went last month and they gave me a prescription and told me to call a telephone number on Day 1 of my next cycle to arrange a scan for day 11.

Today is Day 1, so I called the number but the answer message on the number says to email, which I have done. However, the automatic reply to the email is very confusing!

It basically says a nurse will respond within five days and then order the drugs for me???

I've tried a calling to speak to someone but usual NHS and I can't get through.

Do you think I should just take the first Chlomid tomorrow, without having heard about the scan date, or wait for them to come back to me?

Gah! I'm getting so stressed about this - and am at work, so making the calls has been really difficult too.

Might cry.

butterflycats Thu 11-Dec-14 17:44:18

Just start taking it, the scan is just to check your ovaries aren't going into overdrive! Some places done even scan!

Good luck!

TinTinsSexySister Thu 11-Dec-14 17:54:44

Thanks Butterfly!

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