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Supplements overdose!!

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angiebabes31 Wed 10-Dec-14 16:54:46

Hi ladies,

After my af showed up yet again this cycle I decided to get serious supplement-wise. I do suspect I have low progesterone and elevated levels of prolactin as my breasts are a bit leaky even though I've not breastfed in 10 years and my charts are a mess, like rocky mountains and no clear thermal shift at ov even though I do get positive opks (anovulatory or weak ovulation). Think my IUD totally messed with my hormone balance. Cycles are regular 28-31 days, but periods are lighter and shorter, 2-3 days. LP seems to be normal length as well, 14-15 days. Having no EWCM around the time of ov.
Anyway, this cycle I am going to be armed with a range of herbs and vitamins to try get back on track. Luckily DP is being a good sport and will join me on a daily supplement overdose lol. Will list below what I am taking (currently cd4). Just looking for a bit of advice or any positive experiences with taking any of the below, in particular Vitex. Thanks xx

Pregnacare Conception (All cycle)
Vitex Agnus Castus 1500mg (All cycle)
Vitamin B6 50mg (All cycle)
Evening Primose Oil 2000mg (Until ov)
Flaxseed oil (After ov)
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea 3 cups (Until ov)

DP will be taking Wellman Conception and L-Arginine 50mg.

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