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What is this weird bleeding?

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clapalongifyoufeelhappy Wed 10-Dec-14 13:42:34

TTC for about 10 years with 3 prev partners. No luck. Told I didn't have PCOS despite all the symptoms. Got with new partner, conceived within 9 months (other partners now have multiple children so it wasn't them)

Anyway, now we have been ttc for our no2 for 4 years, finally diagnosed with PCOS and have docs next week. Told my hormone levels all fine but ultrasound and symptoms confirmed it.

Anyway, we DTD all around when I expected to ov because obvs I cannot predict that with certainty as periods go from 35days up to 51 at times.

Thought this might be ANOV cycle as temp stayed the same, only rose marginally, usually goes up a whole degree. On Sunday I had a really low temp, and started spotting. Am still bleeding now and it's very light, not enough for a pad and light pink/red/a bit mucousy. I have taken 2 tests and BFN. It's been5 days of this, what could it be?! Temp now back to around cover line and not increasing (it's up and down by fractions of a degree) only usual cramp, slightly less in fact. Never have periods like this, I am usually very heavy.

Help! Will obvs ask at docs too but that's next week.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 10-Dec-14 14:41:22

Temp charting and PCOS are uneasy bedfellows, I would refrain from charting even though it may feel like you are doing something. Its not really helping and you may well have got a very up and down chart which is impossible to readily interpret.

Who told you that your hormone levels were fine? (hopefully not the same people who told you that you did not have PCOS in the first place). What hormone levels were tested and on which days?. Hormone testing on the wrong days makes the test result meaningless.

It may be that your body has tried and failed to ovulate; this is a common problem where PCOS is concerned. With cycles between 35-51 days you are more likely not to be ovulating regularly.

Spotting too between periods should always be investigated further to ascertain the cause; sometimes there is a cervical erosion or there may be low progesterone levels. Do mention the spotting to the doctors next week.

clapalongifyoufeelhappy Wed 10-Dec-14 17:06:46

My charts are usually very clear cut and look the same as a non PCOS sufferer, it's just that the ov day moves around. Luteal phase is always the same. I had 4 blood tests throughout my cycle and at everyone the prog level was as to be expected. Diff docs this time who are much nicer.

I have an anov cycle every 4 months or so which the temping has helped me determine. I never use the strips as LH is always present.

It's just that I've never bleed like this before, I'm thinking it may not be ov related at all and like you say; cervical erosion?

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 10-Dec-14 17:32:53

Am glad that you are seeing a much nice doc now.

Blood tests tend to be done on specific days; a day 2 would be a useful test for you to have done as this would compare your LH level against that of FSH. With PCOS there is often (but not always) an imbalance of LH to FSH. Progesterone is usually measured on or around day 21 in the calendar monthly cycle.

Sometimes such bleeding can also be due to low progesterone levels. The cause needs to be determined in any case particularly as this has not happened before.

clapalongifyoufeelhappy Wed 10-Dec-14 17:53:54

I can't remember what the days were tbh. The first day after bleeding, 14/21 and 36 (but I could be making those up!)

clapalongifyoufeelhappy Wed 10-Dec-14 17:56:26

The thing is, I have a suspicion the PCOS may be a red herring for my infertility as I do ovulate almost every month. The bleeding is quite worrying but as it's gone on so long, could be just be a lighter period?

babewiththepower Wed 10-Dec-14 21:36:07

I would wait a while and test again. smile

Clapalongifyoufeelhappy Sun 14-Dec-14 11:57:58

Still spotting today. It's been 8 days. My boobs are very sore today. BFN on a reputable test. Should I see a doctor sooner than the Friday appt (earliest appt I could get). I could call the nurse tmw morning.

babewiththepower Sun 14-Dec-14 23:55:26

Yes, call the nurse tomorrow. That's a long time to be spotting. If it is prog related you will need a blood test and things might have changed by friday.

Clapalongifyoufeelhappy Tue 23-Dec-14 13:03:58

Thought I would update for those who responded. I am still bleeding, it's day 18. I saw the doctor and she had no idea what it was - no infection, probably hormone related.

So I now have more tests to do, same as before and I will probably have to wait until next cycle to get a baseline as I have absolutely no idea what day 1 of this cycle is, as the bleeding so far has still not been heavy enough to warrant a pad. Not great news.

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