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I'm probably making this up, but...

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WhatsForYeWontGoByYe Wed 10-Dec-14 12:36:57

...I just feel pregnant. Still no period after bf DD1 for 18 months and not even really been TTC (just been a bit....lazy, and relying on withdrawal). Did two Sainsbury's tests last week and both BFN.


Come on, jurors. Decide. Am I being ridiculous?

*i am exhausted. More so than usual, and in that mentally-exhausted way.
*am getting out of puff very easily
*very emotional. Crying at nowt.
*lots of thick creamy discharge.
*light cramping low down, fairly constant and twinge-y
*had a slight bleed 10 days ago - hardly anything, just when I wiped. Implantation??
*bit snotty and croaky
*very narked off and grouchy

So either AF is coming back or I'm up the duff. If I'm up the duff, it's massively against the odds because I have no period, we've been DTD with withdrawal, and we haven't even really DTD that much either. Also the small matter of two BFN.

I'm a fantasist, aren't I?

TheEagle Wed 10-Dec-14 12:45:54

I hate to be a negative nelly but I had all those symptoms in the first proper cycle after AF returned. Did a few tests because that cycle was super long and all BFN.

I was also BFing at the time so couldn't tell if some of my feelings were based on BF hormones or not!

However, after that really long cycle I had a more normal length cycle when I'm pretty sure I ovulated. Next cycle I got pregnant with twins! DS was 10.5mo.

I feel that all those symptoms were signs that my fertility was kicking back into gear.

Good luck, hope you find out for sure one way or the other v soon!

WhatsForYeWontGoByYe Wed 10-Dec-14 13:07:20

That is exactly what I need to hear - thanks! I think this is all probably a sign that my body's sorting itself out and also that I'm ready to start again.

But twins, though - eek. Are they in your family, Eagle?

MrsLowe14 Wed 10-Dec-14 13:19:35

Well I've had both a baby and a period with those symptoms haha! not at the same time obvs First I missed the depo by a month, didn't have a period but had all those symptoms, did a test and was neg, carried on getting symptoms and I just 'knew' so tested around 7-10 days later and was positive. Positive is now 5! So it is possible with no period!

Then came off the depo a few months ago to ttc no.3 and last month I had all the symptoms, did 2 tests both were neg but I did come on on Saturday finally. So either way I sounds like something is happening, I'd test again in a few days if you still feel the same. Good Luck!

TheEagle Wed 10-Dec-14 14:35:22

No twins so far in our families, these will be the first! Almost 18 weeks now and coming to terms with the idea that there are two in there grin

There's a TTC while breastfeeding thread that's really interesting - one of the ladies there got her BFP before she'd had her period back.

WhatsForYeWontGoByYe Wed 10-Dec-14 15:00:31

How lovely - congratulations!

And very interesting MrsLowe - it's really frustrating that all the symptoms for AF and pregnancy are so similar! I thnk I'd know if my boobs started hurting. That was the first big sign last time, but although they feel bigger they don't hurt, and it could very well be my hopeful imagination!

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