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Has anyone experienced post-ovulation changes in months they have not conceived?

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sissythatwalk Tue 09-Dec-14 14:32:25

I have a pretty regular period, and chart my period/daily symptoms/and BBT on Glow even though I'm not yet trying to conceive. I've been doing this the past couple years so that I have an established idea of my cycle beforehand.

However, I've been having some quite sudden changes that have me wondering if I have actually conceived this month - though it's too early to tell.

I don't know when I actually ovulated since I don't test for ovulation, but Glow estimates my fertile window was probably some time between December 1st and 7th.

Since December 5th, I've had the following symptoms:
- breast tenderness
- evening nausea
- fatigue
- period-like cramps

I have never experienced any symptoms like this at this point in my cycle - especially the cramps and breast tenderness. I usually do not get any symptoms until a day or two before AF, and breast tenderness is not one of my usual AF symptoms.

So, I'm wondering - Has anyone else experience a change in their post-ovulation symptoms in months they have NOT conceived? Is it possible this is just a one-off?

The reason I'm worried is because I have the copper IUD (non-hormonal) and there are risks associated with carrying this type of pregnancy.

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