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Newbie about to start TTC - how to prepare / what about antidepressants?

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birdbywater Mon 08-Dec-14 14:40:46

Hi all,

I'm totally new to this and haven't yet started TTC #1, but at nearly 31 and with a 37-yr-old DP we've decided 2015 is our year.

I'm not yet 6 months into my new job so am waiting until the new year to come off BC, but I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for ways to start preparing? I've been taking folic acid for 2 years (just in case) and am planning to move to a more comprehensive vitamin package - are there any good ones, on a not-too-big budget? Obviously I'll be cutting down on alcohol and starting to be a little healthier as well - I don't drink caffeine so that's one vice down...

Also, I'm currently on sertraline, which I've been taking for a couple of months. The doctor's recommended taking it for 6 months minimum which would mean we'll start TTC before I come back off it - has anyone else had experience with this antidepressant? Should I put our plans back a little more so I can complete the course and be clear of it before TTC?

I was planning on coming off BC in Jan and then leaving it a couple of months before we really start trying.

Any tips welcome, and sorry for this long message!


IssMc Mon 08-Dec-14 17:10:18

Hi birdbywater,
You sound so organised and like your doing everything right! I'm also 31 and hubby 38 and I was less organised. We decided just to 'be less careful' kind of assuming it might not be hugely easy to conceive (lots of friends struggling or have struggled) but we had sex once and I knew I was pregnant right away. I was still on 50mg of Sertraline which I had been taking for about 6 months but had also been feeling ready to come off it. Once I decided I was pregnant I really wanted to stop but was also very aware of how serious cold turkey can be. While I waited for an appointment with my GP I did a bit of googling and from what I read it seemed to be one SSRI that the NHS will prescribe for pregnant women (although the manufacturer doesn't recommend it). Don't quote me but I think it is considered relatively safe - particularly when balanced with the potential risk of not being on any meds if they are needed. Probably in the absence of exhaustive tests the manufacture is playing it safe but I'm not sure there is any real data about its risks to baby. Definitely do your own research because I would hate to be wrong - I looked at the NHS website because it always seems very down to earth and practical.
When I told my GP I wanted to quit she weaned me off by suggesting (I think - memory is a bit vague) that I try missing a dose every three days for a week and then switching to every other day for another week. I think I took a couple of days longer than that but it didn't take very long to stop. My baby is 21 weeks 2 days now and kicking away like anything. Our anomaly scan showed everything is developing absolutely normally.
Personally, and I think it is a very personal thing, I'd seek advice but make my own mind up about when is right to come off them because there is no doubt that being happy and calm is healthy for you and your future baby.

With regard to vitamins I am taking the pregnacare ones - the ones that come with fish oil. No idea if they are any good and they are expensive but Boots was doing three for the price of two recently...
Vices I found quite easy to forgo in the first trimester - no interest even in wine which is very odd for me. Or even much appetite for tea! I think your tastes change. Wow long post opps!

bbw84 Mon 08-Dec-14 20:11:32

Thank you for your lovely response, it sounds like we've been in quite similar situations (pregnancy aside!).

I've also read that sertraline is more likely to be prescribed during pregnancy but also feel like I'd need more advice on this before coming to a decision. I'm going to speak to my doctor tomorrow.

Thank you again, it's so good to know others have been in similar positions - and great that you conceived so quickly! History - wise it took my mum 9 months to conceive all three of us, and it took my sister 9 months to conceive my nephew, so I feel like a genetic precedent has been set...

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