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Newbie seeking baby fever buddies

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sissythatwalk Sun 07-Dec-14 15:35:45


I just signed up for Mumsnet as I'm looking to meet some people in a similar situation to me.

I'm 24, based in the UK, and have been with my SO for nearly five years - living together for three. We were engaged last spring and will be married in a few months. I'm currently a postgraduate student and am planning start working in my field after I graduate next year.

I have Paragard, the copper IUD. It will last until October 2017. SO and I agreed that we would TTC when it is ready to be taken out.

But… I don't feel like I can wait that long!! But SO says he doesn't feel ready yet. I respect and support him and know that he'll let me know when he's ready if he feels so before the IUD comes out.

However, I'm really - really - really - really - really struggling with waiting. I feel like it is driving me mad. The baby fever AND the baby envy that I have is pretty tough to swallow most days. On top of that, I work in reproductive health researcher - so fertility/pregnancy/birth/early parenting is my life every day!

I was wondering if there is anyone else here who is in a similar boat who may want to link up? It would be great to have some lovely people to speak to.

Also… Any tips for managing baby fever greatly appreciated!


TinyWishes Tue 09-Dec-14 20:40:57

Hey smile welcome ��

I can't give you any tips. As I couldn't wait any longer. Me and hubby were going to wait... But I kept getting the urge, the need to have a baby/child/be a mother. It's all I've ever wanted. I think that's why I floated from job to job so much.

I'm 30 and think I have pushed my needs behind for long enough.

Luckily he didn't need much persuasion - massively due to the fact that I am saving each month and will return to work probably after 7-8 months. But he is also ready to be a father. We are ready to have a family. We recently got married (sept) if we don't have to wait - then why wait?!

Sorry I couldn't give you any more tips to ignore the feeling! Other than the throwing yourself into work, social plans, enjoying the lay ins...! Which I am now bored of! Xxx

nightandthelight Tue 16-Dec-14 11:06:03

Hi sissy, in the same boat as you! Was going to try in January but DH just informed me that he is not ready sad really desperate to start TTC but don't want to go ahead without him fully on board. Have been trying to deal with the baby fever for a year since we got married. I find that keeping really busy is the only way to deal with it but then I end up spending far too much money and eventually get burn out saddo you have any idea when you might be able to start trying?

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