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Coming off the pill - what to expect

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Katew8912 Thu 04-Dec-14 13:56:36

Hi there,

Looking for some advice here. My hubby and I decided to start ttc and I finished my last pack of pills mid November.

I had my withdrawal bleed and according to a fertility app I had I was due to start ovulating on the 28th November.

I bought the Clear Blue ovulation tests and started testing on the 23rd November. I got low fertility that day and then the following day high fertility, followed by 2 days of peak fertility, then a low fertility and then a peak fertility again.

Felt very positive after that, however this week I started to bleed on Monday. Not a lot of blood like a normal period but I think it would be too much to be classed as spotting.

Is this normal and could it be my body adjusting to coming off the pill? According to my app I should be due my next period next week, however I'm concerned I'm not going to be able to track things properly.

Supposed I was deluded in thinking it would happen straight away :-(

saltedcaramelicious Thu 04-Dec-14 15:26:36

I would put the bleeding down to coming off the pill, it's still very early days and can take a few months for get a regular cycle again. However having said that you could easily still be ovulating and able to get pregnant so don't rule anything out smile

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