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TTC and abnormal smear tests

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Rufus200 Wed 03-Dec-14 19:07:13

Long story but NHS is refusing to process my smear as I haven't had a letter from them saying I'm due one even though I have a letter from a specialist saying I needed a repeat one in 6mths as my last one was abnormal. Had abnormal smears since 2008. I have 8+ strains of HPV!

My poor little pot has been sat in the lab for 4 weeks and I only found out it had been refused because I wondered what had happened to my results. My GP practice has spent several hours arguing with the lab who are just point blank refusing on cost grounds but I even offered to pay and they still said no. My GP practice said I can't have another smear for 2 mths.

I'm stopping the pill next week to start TTC, what do I do? I wouldn't risk having a smear when pregnant. I've been told I shouldn't TTC if I have abnormal cells. I thought I was being really organised getting my smear done in early Nov so I would have the results in plenty of time.

No wonder young women die of cervical cancer on the NHS!

tootsroots Wed 03-Dec-14 23:19:31

Hi rufus!

Sounds shocking - I am concerned as I may encounter the same thing - I had etropian (spelling!?) and hpv
And abnormal smear
Results in August and need a repeat at 6 months but my gp are a nightmare! I was not told not to ttc though... I came off pill in later aug but only have had 2 cycles since.

Do you know why they said not to ttc?

LakeOfDreams Wed 03-Dec-14 23:28:19

I had an abnormal smear Dec 2012 had a colposcopy in Feb 2013 where they said it looked OK but I should have yearly smears. Had an appointment letter come through in Feb 2014 but was pregnant and my practice nurse wouldn't do it. Spoke to the obstetrician who said have a smear 8-12 weeks after delivery. Went to the practice and was told they won't do it as the lab won't process it without a letter.

I discussed it with the GP as that will be Feb again I guess, if I get a letter at all having not had my previous one. We were concerned as my DD was stillborn so we are hoping to conceive again soon which means I may miss the boat again!

Really frustrating and I keep meaning to look into whether I can pay to have a private smear done.

Rufus200 Thu 04-Dec-14 09:23:52

Thank you for your replies and so sorry for your loss lake of dreams.

Apparently pregnancy hormones speed up abnormal changes, so what could of taken a few years to turn into something nasty happens much quicker!

Rufus200 Thu 04-Dec-14 13:12:55

Update today the NHS is refusing to do anything still so have booked a private smear for next week.

If you had a previous letter and didn't use your smear you are still entitled to it, you will be the NHS system!

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