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Is it time to visit the Dr....

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YummyCake84 Wed 03-Dec-14 14:10:40

I'm looking for some advice or if anyone been in similar position. I stopped my pill in March and since then my pre pill 32 day regular cycle has become 31-37 days (with no period for 3 months at one point!).
We already have a daughter and she was conceived with no problems however this time nothing is happening. The last two months I have had 4 days spotting (circa 8/9 dpo) then nothing for 2 days then my period beginning. This month my period was due (based on ovulation dates from looking at ewcm and usual pattern) to be in 9 days time however I have started spitting already!!
Sorry for the long story just getting so frustrated and upset and wondering if it's time to visit the Dr or is there anything anyone can recommend or have had similar (with succes!). Thanks

dizzylemon Wed 03-Dec-14 17:27:37

Similar story for me except:

Came of pill in May
I have no kids
I've only one ovary

In this case I did go to the doctor as I don't want my other factory going out of business! I'm waiting for blood tests for pcos and had an ultrasound. They need the results from both to diagnose though.

3 months absent is worrying, though. If in any doubt, you should go and have a conversation about it. The outcome will depend on how concerned your doctor is but the convention is to wait a year after being unable to conceive to make it an issue I think? Completly your choice. I'd say there's no harm in talking to a Dr but then after losing one ovary (after putting off a doctors visit) I'd always err on the side of caution!

Rainy34 Wed 03-Dec-14 17:39:09

Yummy i am going to the doctor tomorrow, i have been off the pill since january and every month i spot around 4 to 7 days before AF arrives, I'm wondering if our hormones are struggling to get back to normal,

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