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where have you taken a pregnancy test?

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Codswallop Fri 16-Apr-04 15:21:49

anywhere odd?

Nutcracker Fri 16-Apr-04 15:23:47

The toilets in the Gracechurch shopping centre, Sutton Coldfield.

Codswallop Fri 16-Apr-04 15:25:44

me too! oh no I was m a nd s I think.. is that not the same?

libb Fri 16-Apr-04 15:26:09

The toilets behind the cells at my local Magistrates Court - I was working at the time - contrary to popular rumour!

Nutcracker Fri 16-Apr-04 15:27:12

No Coddy, i did mine in the loos by H&M as you go back to the car park.

Nutcracker Fri 16-Apr-04 15:28:39

Although M&S is in the Gracechurch Centre.

tamum Fri 16-Apr-04 15:30:40

Message withdrawn

hmb Fri 16-Apr-04 15:30:59

Littlewoods loo in Nottingham.

eddm Fri 16-Apr-04 15:59:30

Is the loo at work at all odd or is that entirely normal? Couldn't believe it first time so did further tests at home, at Paddington station and even in a restaurant (in the loo again, of course, wouldn't want you thinking I'm an exhibitionist).

Lisa78 Fri 16-Apr-04 16:21:57

loo at work too - a few years ago when you had to wait about 10 minutes for the result. So I sat it in my desk drawer to wait for the result and just as the time was about up, someone senior came to talk to me and I was practically hyperventillating to get rid of them! I ended up agreeing to do all sorts of work I shouldn't have, just to get rid of them!
And it was negative - which was just what I wanted at the time! Phew!

Northerner Fri 16-Apr-04 16:25:38

In the loo at work. Today. See missed pill thread.

goosey Fri 16-Apr-04 16:29:32

At work when I was alone. I peed into an evil colleague's mug and tested it from there. I still chuckle to myself everytime I see him drink from that mug.

skerriesmum Fri 16-Apr-04 17:16:21

Toilets in Liffey Valley shopping centre, Dublin! Came out grinning wildly and brandished stick to DH in front of an ice cream kiosk. Every time we shop there we have a giggle...

nikcola Fri 16-Apr-04 17:46:27

lol goosey

hana Fri 16-Apr-04 18:19:52


lindsay7777 Tue 20-Apr-04 21:31:22

The toilets at school in my final year (yes, I was a naughty girl...)!

cazzybabs Tue 20-Apr-04 21:42:44

Loos in the pavillion shopiing centre in Birmingham, loos in Rackhams in Birmingham, loos in palisades in Birmingham (yep..all on the same day)...

loo in tesco in Cambridge

whymummy Fri 23-Apr-04 17:12:01

a pub in durham and it was positive dh invited everyone to champagne

tammybear Fri 23-Apr-04 23:01:07

I was at work, in the toilet when I found out I was pregnant. I remember when ex went and brought me the test and I was walking through the store (I worked at Pilot clothing store at the time) all my other work mates looked at me and could tell what I was up to lol. Everyone that worked there found out before I could even tell him I was pregnant lol. But it got me sitting in the staff room for the rest of my shift trying to get over the shock of it, so I guess that was a good thing lol.

JennH Sun 25-Apr-04 16:17:56

In the toilets at work with about 3 people standing outside the door to analyse with me

Also the toilets in Burger King and back in my youth the school toilets!

myermay Mon 26-Apr-04 18:50:15

Message withdrawn

myermay Mon 26-Apr-04 18:50:16

Message withdrawn

AussieSim Mon 26-Apr-04 18:54:09

On a v large Sailing Ship off the coast of Mykonos - was absolutely devastated when it came back negative.

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