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Andreavicki Mon 01-Dec-14 17:45:27

i have been taking cerazette for 3 months and have bleed constantly was given micronor to try any advice cos im on the verge of stopping

Rainy34 Mon 01-Dec-14 18:06:44

I found when i started taking the pill that some of them did not agree with me and had to change a couple of times until i was on the right one, one made me bleed every two weeks, another made me feel really angry and so depressed all of the time, i would say try microgynon and see if that works better,

HettyB Thu 04-Dec-14 07:33:25

I had the same problem with Cerazette, and I bled for a year on the implant as that's also progesterone only. I found the best one for me was Marvelon (now called Gederel in some places) as it kept things predictable and didn't make me an emotional nightmare!
Keep trying - you'll find something that works. I've probably tried about 8 types of pill plus the implant over the past 14ish years!

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