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Temps hovering since ovulatin - bleeding and cramps at 9dpo today. Worried!

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artylady14 Mon 01-Dec-14 15:40:55

Hi all. I have had strangely low temperatures hovering just above the coverline since I ovulated 9 days ago and was already worried about low progesterone. Today I have had brown blood (more than just spotting) and abdominal cramps. Although I am ttc, the temps have concerned me and I was hoping not to get pregnant this month if this is all indicative of miscarriage. I dont know if you can see my Fertilityfriend cycle with this link but here it is - anyone able to advise?

artylady14 Tue 02-Dec-14 15:54:49

I did have a low progesterone level at my day 21 test but got my period a few days later (I believe this is now my period) and never had it so early after ovulation with just 8 day luteal phase!

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